Tips To Make Your Kids Aware Of The Power Of Prayer

Tips To Make Your Kids Aware Of The Power Of Prayer

Parenting duties excel beyond fulfilling the physical, emotional, and financial needs of their children. As a parent, you must also do your bit to nurture the spiritual growth and well-being of your kids. But these are the most overlooked ones while also being the most crucial. A spiritually healthy child can cope with daily challenges and become a better person growing up. Prayer is the cornerstone of spiritual well-being, so you must do your best to inculcate the habit in your child. Everything boils down to making them aware of the power of prayer. Here are some tips to achieve this parental goal.

Start early

The best age to introduce your kids to praying is as early as possible. They can learn it even before they begin speaking in coherent sentences. Let them watch you and their siblings praying, and the act will come naturally to them. Reinforce prayer as a part of their daily routine by scheduling it in the morning, before meals, and at bedtime. Regularity is the key, so ensure doing it every day.

Teach conversation with God

Teach kids that prayer is a conversation with God. It shows respect for His love and power, but it need not be something you need to repeat daily. Conversations are easy and casual, so even the little ones can handle them far better than formal prayers. Let them thank God and ask for what they want in their own words. They will understand the immense power of prayer sooner than later. 

Inspire with examples

Showing the power of prayer to young children is not easy, and parents may have a hard time figuring out a method. Luckily, you can achieve it by inspiring them with examples. For instance, you can talk to them about Wyoming Carmelites and explain their prayer rituals and mission. Likewise, you can narrate stories from the Bible to show how prayer can help in daily life and make one a happier person. 

Be supportive

Learning to pray is a journey rather than a one-time act for kids. They require your guidance and support throughout the journey and beyond to maintain a comfort level and move to a higher level. Prayers are personal, and your child’s concerns and worries evolve across different ages. Encourage the child to ask for and talk about whatever is on their mind. Tell them they can pray everywhere, in bed, at school, and on the playground. 

Choose age-appropriate prayers

As your child grows up, you expect to get more formal with praying education. But remember to choose age-appropriate prayers to make it a stress-free activity child. Pick the words and subjects wisely, such as praying for the well-being of the community, friends, and family members, a safe trip, an exam, or a good day at school. Let the little ones find their own way so that they enjoy the act. 

Making your kids aware of the power of prayer is easier than you imagine, provided you are willing to go the extra time. Invest time, show rather than tell, and inspire them with the right examples for the best results.

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