Tame Your Temper: 7 Strategies to Stop Anger in its Tracks

Tame Your Temper: 7 Strategies to Stop Anger in its Tracks

You can’t believe they’d do this to you- of all people. You feel a surge of anger, and you want to lash out in response. You think about wielding the same amount of pain as you are feeling right now on the other person. Making them hurt as much as you are at this moment. Wait a minute. You don’t want to be like that person. You’re better than that, and you don’t want to become them. How can you stop anger in its tracks?

Take a Walk

Walking allows the body to release adrenaline, which can help combat any impulse or emotion-based behavior. This is especially true if you are walking away from an angry object or person. By providing a change of scenery, walking can provide temporary relief from emotional distress.

Muscles are important, so make sure you’re paying attention to them! Exercise is beneficial, and anger can lead to tightened muscles. A good stretch or a practice of progressive muscle relaxation will help relieve tension in this way.

Say Something

Choose a phrase or mantra which calms you. Say it slowly and deliberately to take your focus away from the situation.


If you are feeling angry and frustrated, it is advised to find an escape route or remove yourself from the situation. Visualize a tranquil location where you can soak in as much detail as possible. Remain immersed in this setting until your anger begins to ebb.

Do Something Grand

There are many ways you can use your anger to make a difference in the world. Consider signing a petition, volunteering your time, or getting involved with community organizations. Doing so will help you learn how to strategically utilize your emotions and take action on important issues.

Write About It

Journaling can be an effective way to manage emotions, especially in the event that a trigger occurs. By understanding what led you to feel upset in the first place, you’ll be better equipped to avoid similar situations in the future.

Switch Perspective

It can be difficult to empathize when upset, as we often view the situation from our own perspective. However, trying to understand the other person’s viewpoint, may help our emotions calm down and make better decisions. This is particularly true in cases where anger arises from a misunderstanding of the situation.


This technique is for those who are considered experts in anger management. By forgiving the other person, you’ll no longer have any reason to be angry at them.

The stop anger in its tracks successfully is learning how to control it. If you let anger take hold of you, it can lead to negative consequences. Instead, use the emotion for productive purposes—for example, creating a positive change in your life or letting it go entirely. Ultimately, this will result in greater happiness on an individual level.

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