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Are You Living with Meaning? Essential Questions to Ask

Are You Living with Meaning? Essential Questions to Ask

Do you know how to find your purpose? Do you know how to ask if you are living with meaning? If you posed that question to several people, the majority would answer no. For that reason, there is a wealth of opportunities for exploring. Many people are afraid to do new things as they fear the unknown. They often don’t know how to go about looking for what they’re supposed to be doing.

First, you need to make a note of whether or not what you are doing currently is satisfying. Put your bills and paycheck aside for now. Do you get a charge waking up each day to go to work? How do you feel on Mondays, assuming that you start your job on Tuesdays? Do you dread waking up early every morning on Monday, or does it excite you?

You may also feel unmotivated about doing something in which you do not imagine. Let’s say that you work for a company that is doing wrong by the community. It may be legal, but it doesn’t feel morally justified. It offers you a good salary, which is why you stick with it. Even most of the people who work there like you. But hey, the company sells something which makes your insides churn. A good example of this might be working for a tobacco company. Think about whether or not you can operate in an atmosphere that’s inconsistent with you and your beliefs.

What will you need to move toward getting in contact with your inner self? Perhaps going back to school will be sufficient, or perhaps online training will make it easier. There are many affordable alternatives available, and many of them can help you with what you need.

Ask yourself if you’re really interested in pursuing the path you’re on; if not, then you have not fully explored it. If you continue to do the same thing or dismiss your setbacks, you haven’t truly found your purpose. You can either continue doing what’s necessary or continue searching for a different type of path. Continue persistence until you’re truly motivated by what you’re setting out to achieve.

Review your current circumstances and analyze whether, by changing your routine, you can make a positive change. For instance, ask your company whether there are any other roles within the organization that you can take on. It may also be the case that you may be asked to serve in two or more positions (your previous role and another) while transitioning into a new role. Working in this manner could affect how much time you spend working, for example. But it offers you a few alternatives for you to explore your purpose. And your life is a life that excites you and that you are living with meaning.

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