Skin Care and Makeup Tips You Can Give To Your Kids

Skin Care and Makeup Tips You Can Give To Your Kids from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you have kids that have moved from infancy into preteens and then adolescence, then you know that at each of those phases they’re going to have different opinions about how they look and how they feel. And skincare and makeup are going to be a big part of how they present themselves. That’s why as good parents, you have to give them good advice.

You can do things like give them guidance on a few different categories of personal appearance. You can talk about nail polish with your daughters. You can talk about skincare with your preteens. You can always have diet recommendations that go through the generations. And even something as simple as sunscreen habits can make a big difference in how your children view themselves.

Nail Polish Tips

For young daughters, putting on makeup like mom is a big part of their fun when they’re growing up. You want to make sure that the makeup that they play with is safe. That’s why buying safe nail polish or buying environmentally friendly makeup kits is such a good idea as a parent. Obviously, you want to keep costs down and not make a mess, but health and safety factors should be part of your decision tree as well.

Skin Care Advice

As children go through puberty especially, skin care becomes a big deal. Choosing the right acne products can make a big difference in how kids look. They can eat healthily and be active and do all the right things, but still, have oily skin because of hormonal changes. As parents, you have to help them experiment with what acne medication makes the most sense for their body type and their level of physical activity.

Diet Recommendations

As the parents in the household, you can dictate your family diet to a degree as well. Choosing meals that are high in fruits and vegetables and low in processed food and fat content can make a drastic difference in the overall health of your family. The food that your kids eat will have a direct impact on how their skin looks, how they present themselves, and how they feel about themselves. As much as you can control it or push them in the right direction, this is your responsibility as the adults.

Sunscreen Habits

Your kids may love the sun. Alternatively, they may hate the sun. Too much sun leads to sunburns and possible health issues. Too little sun leaves kids looking pale and unhealthy. So as parents, you need to get them outside when it’s applicable, but you also need to have them use sunscreen and longer clothing when it’s appropriate. It’s a balancing act, but one that you should take responsibility for before your kids know how to handle it themselves.

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