Activities To Stimulate Creativity in Children

Activities To Stimulate Creativity in Children

Creative play is one of the most important things we can teach our children, y’all. But this is difficult to do if they remain glued to a screen all day. Fortunately, there are many different activities to stimulate creativity in children we can do at home. Here are some tips for lighting that creative spark in your preschoolers.

Play Pretend

One of the best ways to get children to use their imaginations is by playing pretend. A tea party, dress-up, or playing superheroes gets children thinking creatively about the adventure they are having. Y’all will also find this will keep them brainstorming ways they can keep playing with you.

Arts and Crafts

I always love when my daughter has arts and crafts day in her preschool because it means I’ll have a new decoration for the entryway. Another thing I try to do each week is an art project at home, like painting with watercolors or drawing with sidewalk chalk. There are also many things we can do with a paper towel roll tube and some markers.

Music Time

Study after study has shown that music is good for children and can spark their creativity. Many instruments are easy to learn, and it’s an activity y’all can do together. I also keep the music playing around my home all the time, featuring a mix of both my daughter’s favorite music and my own.

Read a Book

Reading is another great thing to do with your children. I read a book or two to my daughter each night before she goes to bed—one of our favorite rituals since she was born. Not only do I read to her, but when she sees me reading in my spare time, she will pick up a book and “read” to herself, trying to imitate me.

Take a Walk

One of the most surprising activities to stimulate creativity in children is taking a walk. One of my favorite games to play is to make up a story with my daughter about an animal we see along our trail. We also like picking up pretty leaves to use in our art projects. Pinecone birdfeeders are another great project from nature that requires only a pinecone, birdseed, peanut butter, and string.

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