Surviving Flying With Kids: You Can Do It!

The chances are that before you had little ones, you had got the process of flying down to a T. You’d arrive at the airport in perfect time to miss the queues and breeze through security, before having the time to enjoy a delicious airport meal and then relax in the boarding lounge prior to boarding your plane. Of course, now that you’ve got kids, that has most probably all changed – the process of flying anywhere has become incredibly stressful and packed with anxiety, so much so that it almost puts you off of traveling altogether.

The good news is that when it comes to flying with kids in tow, believe it or not; the process does not have to be a stressful one. Sure, traveling with kids can be stressful, and often it is, but the fact is that it doesn’t have to be, how stressful your experience is traveling with kids depends on how you go about planning your trip. The fact is that if you are smart about how you plan your trip, it is possible to make things as free of stress as possible.

The key to succeeding when it comes to flying with younger children is planning and organization – the more you prepare and the more organized you are, the better. If you want to ensure that your next trip is as free of stress as possible – here’s what you need to do.

Surviving Flying With Kids You Can Do It! from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Be Smart when it Comes to Booking Tickets

When it comes to booking tickets, be smart about the times that you book them for. No one wants to spend the entire journey with a screaming child who has missed nap time, so make sure to be smart about when you book your tickets. Workout what time your child’s nap time usually is and avoid booking a flight that takes off during nap time. It’s fine to be readily boarded when nap time comes around because that way your child can nap on the plane, but what you don’t want is to end up with nap time starting while you’re in the airport and your little one getting grumpy.

If the idea of the cost of your flying at a certain time when flights may be more expensive puts you off, don’t panic. You can always opt to take advantage of other deals to save money, such as The Southwest companion pass, which basically gives you two for one on tickets at any time. The fact is that while plane tickets at the times of day when your child isn’t due to take their nap may be more expensive, there are ways to make them cheaper, it’s just a case of looking at all your options and choosing one that offers you the best bang for your buck.

Pack like a Pro

Trunkis may be a little expensive, but ask any parent who regularly travels with her kids, and she will tell you that they are a worthwhile investment, because they are just so beneficial. When you’re stuck in long queues, and there’s nowhere to sit, your child can use their Trunki to happily entertain themselves, sitting on top of it and propelling themselves around. If your walk to departure becomes a long one, you can sit them on their Trunki case and pull them along, preventing any moaning from them.

Plus, Trunkis offer a great solution to your child’s carry-on luggage. They’re designed to be the ideal size for a carry-on and are spacious enough to fit plenty of your child’s favorite travel toys into them, making them an ideal option for when you’re traveling with kids in tow. There’s no need to worry about carrying an extra lot of luggage, as you can simply pull it along as you go.

Plan in 15-minute Slots

When it comes to traveling with kids, one of the best pieces of advice that you should heed is to plan your journey in 15-minute slots. Say, for instance, the journey is set to last for three hours, you ideally need around ten different activities to keep your child occupied, each lasting for 15 minutes. Don’t worry about takeoff and landing, as you can occupy them by looking out of the window and pointing out what you see.

When it comes to keeping your child occupied on board a plane, it’s important that you take the time to plan out activities, to ensure that there is plenty for them to do. The last thing that you want is them getting bored, which is why knowing what you have to keep them occupied throughout the flight is so important.

Take a Tablet (and charger)

Yes, most planes have TVs on them, but the fact is that when it comes to your child staying entertained, you want to have your own mini TV to use. You never know what will be shown on the plane’s TVs, so it’s worthwhile taking your own tablet if you have one, along with headphones, of course. Pack your child’s tablet full of downloaded films and programs that you know they will love, in addition to a range of games, so that you can keep them busy for as long as possible.

You could also download a couple of audio books for them so that if they get sleepy, you plug them into their audiobook and let them fall asleep listening to it. Sleeping on a plane when there are lots of other people talking isn’t always easy, which is why having an audiobook downloaded or some calming music for your child to listen to, can work well when it comes to nap time.

Surviving Flying With Kids You Can Do It! from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Put Together an Activity Bag

Fill a bag with a selection of small activities for your child to do. These should all be new things because to kids, new equals exciting. Make up an activity bag that has mini-games and puzzles, coloring books and pencils, travel games, and any little toys that could be fun to play with while on a plane – may be a plane toy could be a good choice. Stickers are also a good option, as these always keep kids entertained, especially if you get them a sticker album to go with them.

You could also add some of your child’s favorite treats to their activity bag, such as some of the sweets that they always pester you for but you never normally allow them to have. A magazine could also make a great addition to their activity bag if you think that a magazine would be helpful to add. Do they like magazines? Is there a magazine that they’ve been asking for? If so, then perhaps now could be the ideal time to buy it for them.

Take Pillows and Blankets

In case your little one gets sleepy while you’re on your flight and wants to snuggle up, it’s a good idea to have pillows and blankets at hand so that you can help them to get comfortable, should they want to. Pack a travel pillow and rolled up blanket into your carry-on luggage, and perhaps some warm socks as well. If you want your little one to be able to get all the rest they need while on board your flight, it’s important to know how to make them comfortable.

Dress Comfortably

If you want your little one to be comfortable while they fly, it’s important to dress them comfortably – the same goes for you too. There’s no point dressing in clothing that is uncomfortable, as it will make your flight even more stressful, which isn’t what you want. Pick clothes for yourself and your child that are relaxed and comfortable, and that you can sit in comfortably for a few hours.

Keep Snacks on Hand

Regardless of whether you have paid to have an in-flight meal, it’s important to have plenty of snacks on hand, in case your little one gets hungry. A hungry child is not a happy child, which is why it’s so important that you buy snacks at the airport to have for onboard the plane. After all, you can’t control when the plane decides to serve the food, can you? So it’s essential to have some bits stored away to keep your little one happy while they wait for their in-flight meal.

Aim to pick snacks that take a while to eat, so that you don’t constantly have to give your child things to munch on. It’s also a good idea to pack a selection of drinks as well from the airport, to ensure that your child has a drink if they want one.

The fact is that children make everything more complicated. There’s no getting away from that fact; however, if you are smart about things like plane trips, and plan in advance, you can ensure that when it comes to traveling with your little one in tow, things are as free from stress as possible. There may be times where it gets stressful on board, but as long as you have planned in advance and have all of the essentials packed up and ready to use, then you should be just fine.

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