Key Tips on Preparing for a Long Distance Moving Adventure

So, you decided to pack up your house and move across the border of your state? You may be worried about what you should do. However, this should be a time for you to celebrate as a new chapter of your life unfolds. It’s not a time for you to get stressed!

At first, it can be very overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. Despite the common perception, preparing for a long distance move does not have to be an overwhelming task. If you carefully plan and anticipate things, packing up your stuff can be an enjoyable part of your move. And as your supporting friends, we’ll give you some key tips on preparing for a long distance moving adventure.

Create a Master Plan

Key Tips on Preparing for a Long Distance Moving Adventure from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Before you start the process of research for your move, you should craft a high-level master plan of how you’ll arrange your move. You should plan these things:

  • Amount of money you’ll spend on your boxes, transport, movers, etc.
  • How will you transport your stuff… through your vehicle, rental car, or movers?
  • Whether you will utilize help from your friends and family
  • How much time you will spend on your move

The key to planning is to start with the big details, then slowly work on the nitty-gritty details of your move.

Trim Down Your Things

 Make a list of things that you need for your new home. Moving out of your home and going to live in another state is expensive. This is why you should cut down on the things that you’ll bring with you. You should list:

  • Things that are nice to have but can be given away
  • Things that you must have and should be packed

Once you’ve written down the things that you need and don’t need, you’ll be able to pack up the things that you should bring with you. For the rest of your stuff, you can:

  • Give them away to your family, friends or the needy
  • Sell them on Craiglist or at a yard sale
  • Throw them away

Donating some of your stuff to charity might enable you to claim a tax deduction, which can help you save money.

Talk to Your Movers

Make sure to ask your movers if they’ll hire another mover for your move. If this happens, know ahead of time whether your stuff will be divided and transferred into two or three trucks, depending on the distance. Sometimes this causes your items to arrive at different times or on different days. Service providers such as can help provide assistance in the specifics of this matter.

Ask Your Movers for Complete Details

If you’re moving interstate, you should ensure that your mover is regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If they’re compliant, they can provide documents of:

  • Insurances such as motor vehicle insurance, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation
  • Up-to-date registration
  • Unique ID that’s been given to moving companies

Ensuring that your movers are compliant will help you avoid moving scams.

Understand the Delivery Time

Key Tips on Preparing for a Long Distance Moving Adventure from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The moving truck will not arrive at your new home the next day after you’ve packed up. There’s a practice in the moving industry that all of your stuff arrives within one to 14 days since most moving companies utilize one truck for each client to avoid spending too much. This is called delivery spread. You can adjust to the delivery time by:

  • Getting your most needed belongings delivered first such as your cooking utensils, bed, clothes, etc.
  • Setting your loading date
  • Planning the amount you pack per delivery

Prepare Your Car

If you’re moving interstate, it can take up to two weeks before your car is delivered to you. This is why you should prepare for your car to be shipped in advance. Plan on when you should get your vehicle sent, and how you’ll get around without it for the meantime.

Plan Your Budget Carefully

Moving interstate can cost from $7,500 up to $14,000. Saving money whenever you can is essential. You can:

  • Create a spreadsheet of your expenses related to moving
  • Choose to use recycled packing materials
  • Schedule your move on a date that has lower estimates

Compare Different Options for Traveling

Most people think that packing up all their stuff and traveling on their own is the cheapest way to do it when moving. However, if you pile up all the expenses such as food, overnight hotels, and gas, you’ll be surprised at how expensive it can be. Plus, it can be tiresome and time-consuming. Make sure to choose which option will save not only money but also time and energy. You can choose to:

  • Ship your belongings
  • Book a train
  • Fly on an airplane

It’s no easy feat to pack up your belongings and say goodbye to your friends and family. It requires you to prepare physically, emotionally, and financially. Moving to a new territory needs planning and coordination, which are the keys to preparing for your new adventure.

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Michael Richards is a professional long distance mover and has been in the industry for over 15 years. In his field of industry, he’s experienced a lot and see a lot of the country. He now uses that experience in the blogs he writes for and other companies. In his spare time, he just likes to chill with his family and friends.[/su_box]

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  1. Create a master plan? Well, I agree. I’d recommend doing the move on your own and not hiring a prfoessional company if its a small job.

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