Status Update on a Leaps of Faith Profile

If you have been following my leaps of faith series, you know that I have blogged about this amazing woman who is battling stage 4 terminal cancer. You can read her story here.
kasey Faith
Here is an update from her Facebook page.

Kasey Update: Well my doctor came in with a big smile on his face. Said he was ECSTATIC with my scan results! He showed me the scans and said there is a tiny bit of fluid left and he’s not even certain that its cancer. He said and I quote “I have every reason to believe that you will obtain a full remission.” So chemo today, chemo next week and then one more round and a REMISSION scan!!!!!!!

AFm Kasey 1

Praise God, join me in rejoicing with her and keep her in your prayers that she continues to stay in remission.

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