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Recently, my girls and I traveled to Cary to check out a new gym that has just opened. It seems like Cary is becoming my home away from home because that is where my beloved Carolina Railhawks play. It is funny but this story too has a Railhawks connection. You see about a year ago I pitched Evan, the director of tickets over at the Railhawks, for a series of stories on my blog. I did the stories never thinking that he would remember me. Imagine my surprise when I open my email one day to find that Evan had given my name to the General Manager of Title Boxing Club. It has just opened in Cary, Max the GM, wanted me to come and check out this unique workout.

That is the backstory. So, this past Friday, with my girls in tow (Friday was teacher’s workday for them) we headed up to Cary. First let me say how impressed I was with the staff at the facility as well as the facility itself. I have been looking for something that we all could do as a family and this fits the bill. Now selling my husband on the idea is another story. If you are not familiar with Title Boxing Club. Here is a little bit about them. This franchise was started in 2007 and is now on it’s 110th club. It is the fastest growing franchise in the country. Max said that for the Raleigh/Durham area they are projecting at least 6 more locations within the next three years.

While we were there we were able to take a tour of the facility as well as watch a class in action. My two older girls have fallen in love with it already and they haven’t even taken a class yet. The hour long classes are set up like this:

  • 15 minutes of warm-up- this included stretching jogging and light exercises

AFM Title boxing 003

  • 30 minutes on the bag- These are split up into 3 minute rounds followed by a minute of “active” rest. This is the time that if you need to you can grab a sip of water.
  • And then the last 15 minutes is spent strengthening the core and sculpting the body. This is includes cool down floor work training exercises.

AFM Title boxing 007

During the time that this is happening, a trainer will allow you to work at your own pace and you can visually see the clock as the time ticks away on your workout. This workout burns about 1,000 calories per session. Wow, how about that folks?

Oh and did I mention that the First SHOT Aka Class is FREE. Before you commit to something especially if it is costing you money wouldn’t you like to try it out first. That is so awesome isn’t it?

They also offer personal training services as well. Think about how cool it would be train in a boxing ring.

AFM Title boxing 004

They also have a little retail area in their club where can buy all the things you need for your workouts. Mikaela was kind enough to pose for this picture. I can just imagine the gear she has already picked out in her head that she wants to buy.

AFM Title boxing 006

We will be taking the plunge of our first class Monday night. We might not be able to go everyday by twice a week would be awesome. I will let you know how our first class goes later this week.  I would say Tuesday but something tells me that I will be to sore to even type on Tuesday LOL.

I will have to say that I am impressed with this club and I haven’t even taken the class yet.

So if you live in the Raleigh/Durham/Cary Area check out Title Boxing Club at The Arboretum at Westin at 2046 Renaissance Park Place in Cary. And if you take the 7:00 class Monday night make sure to say hi to me and my girls. I will be the one hiding in the corner.


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  1. That kid of sounds like fun and WORK! But exciting. I can read your excitement in your words. Can’t wait to hear about your first session. And wishing there was a boxing gym near me. LOL

  2. SO- I am one of the gals laying in the floor exhausted after an awesome workout! I absolutely love it here, and when I say love I mean it with more emotion than when I talk about a banana split with extra ice cream. Seriously, this place is awesome. Great instructors, amazing fellow classmates, and such a good way to get out your pent up anget/anxiety. If you guys are interested in going but don’t wanna go by yourself just give me a holler- I’ve been going since they opened and can tell a HUUUUGE difference. I’ll definitely meet you there!

  3. I think it is great that all 4 of you can go and work out together and I like the excitement of a Title Boxing Club. I think that is something I would do with my kids and we could be really involved. Great idea.

  4. What a fun way to spend the time together as a family. I’ve never even put on a pair of boxing gloves so this would be a brand new experience for sure!

  5. What a fun approach to get to know one another as a family. I’ve never at any point put on a couple of boxing gloves so this would be a fresh out of the plastic new experience without a doubt!

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