Southern California Wedding Rentals for Your Beautiful Beach Wedding

Southern California Wedding Rentals for Your Beautiful Beach Wedding from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The crisp, cool air of an early fall morning in Southern California breathes life into a new marriage. Maybe you aren’t a morning person and would prefer to say your vows against the sounds of gentle waves lapping with a pink and purple sunset over the horizon. Regardless of the time of day you want your Southern California wedding to happen, chances are you’re looking for ways to save money on your big day. One way couples are saving money is by renting as much as they can. You can probably rent wedding items that you hadn’t even thought of.

A Beach House off the Beaten Path

Not all wedding rentals San Diego are created equally. Chances are when you researched beach venues (or the cost of getting married in the sand itself), you came across popular choices with price tags to match. Even if you choose to get married directly on a public beach, you’ll need to pay for permits and won’t have anywhere private for people to change or mingle before and after the ceremony. Why not consider a private venue that isn’t necessarily a popular wedding venue? Private residences such as those available on Airbnb are often more affordable than well-known venues and may even be hidden gems in terms of gorgeous indoors paces, beautiful landscaping, or private stretches of sand.

Unique Furniture to Make Your Ceremony Your Own

Just because you’ve decided to save money by renting furniture for your ceremony and reception, it doesn’t mean you need to stick to basic metal chairs or plastic folding tables. You deserve something that fits your style, your venue, and your wedding dreams. Luckily, an increasing number of rental companies, such as Archive wedding rentals, provide a wide variety of rental furniture, including tables and chairs, dressers, sofas, mirrors, shelving, and a wide variety of other options. You can rent chevron bars for a modern approach or Victorian-style couches if your wedding has a vintage vibe. Set them up in your venue or even create unique photography set with the ocean as your backdrop.

Accessibility Options for Your Convenience

Whether you’re getting married on the beach in San Diego or need wedding rentals Los Angeles, you’ll want to create accessible options for yourself and your guests. This is especially true if you plan to get married in an otherwise public setting. Will there be access to restrooms or dressing rooms? If not, consider renting portable restrooms, dressing rooms, and even showers to ensure everyone is comfortable and clean for your ceremony and reception. Do you have guests coming who can’t easily walk down the beach to a ceremony? Consider renting golf carts to help transport the guests that need it as well. Just be sure that you obtain any necessary permits to have vehicles on the beach before doing so. After all, you don’t spend your saved rental money on fines.

Your wedding day is meant to be your special day, which means you don’t need the added stress. When choosing a rental company for your wedding day needs, be sure to choose one that offers additional services as well. In addition to paying an affordable price for your rental needs, ensure the company can provide drop-off and setup services before the wedding, as well as take the items down and ship them away at the end of the day. This allows you to focus on your guests and your new spouse instead of the little details.

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