Organic Products for Baby (and Adult) Acne

Organic Products for Baby (and Adult) Acne from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Organic products are having a moment. From cotton fabric to fruits and vegetables, more items than ever are available with organic certification. If you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, this trend may be beneficial for your face. You can avoid harsh, irritating chemicals that may cause your skin to act out when you switch to organic face wash and moisturizers. The benefits of natural skin care include clearer skin and less environmental impact.

Gentle, Natural Products

Natural products are often easier on the skin than traditional products, which include a wide range of chemicals. Instead of only including the ingredients necessary to clean and moisturize your face, they often include extra ingredients that aren’t necessary. Common ingredients that are drying and damaging to the delicate skin on your face include alcohol, butylated hydroxyanisole, and sodium lauryl sulfate.

When your skin care products are made up mostly of ingredients you can pronounce and recognize, there’s far less chance of an irritating mystery ingredient. If you do have an allergy to a plant or oil used, it will be much easier to figure it out and remove products including it from rotation. Natural products are the best option for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

One of the best places to start with organic products is personal care items, beyond just skincare. The best leak proof organic tampons can all help improve your personal health by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals commonly used in production.

Fend Off Acne With Simple Skincare

Even though oil is associated with acne, natural oils are helpful to your skin. They can hydrate, cleanse and even heal it. Using traditional products that include chemicals in their formulas, you may be drying out your skin and exacerbating acne. When you dry your skin out, it sometimes overcompensates and increases oil production in the sebaceous glands. This excess oil production can clog pores and cause acne.

Instead of putting excessive treatments on your skin, and potentially stressing it out more, try a simpler approach. BHA-free, paraben-free and alcohol-free face washes and moisturizers are the foundation of natural skin care. These products often center on ingredients like herbal oils, jojoba oil, witch hazel, tea tree, and other plant-based ingredients.

Switching to Organics

Making the decision to use organic products, both for your face and for the rest of your life, is one of the most direct ways to stand up in defense of the environment. Many organic products emphasize animal rights and sustainability. Cruelty-free products, recycled packaging and more are

If you’re looking for ways to reduce harsh chemicals against your skin, try the best organic pads that are just as absorbent as the pads made from synthetics. The vagina is the most absorbent part of the body, so organic hygiene products help you avoid taking in excess chemicals.

The difference made by natural and organic skincare can be felt once you alter your routine and replace chemical-laden products with washes and moisturizers made from ingredients you can recognize. Simple trusted formulas can keep your skin clean and fresh without including damaging ingredients. Try natural skin products to see how they can benefit your skin.

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