4 Practical Signs That It’s Time For New Residential Windows

4 Practical Signs That It’s Time For New Residential Windows from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If your mortgage will be paid off over the next few years, it’s time to consider making a few home improvements. Checking into options for replacement windows in Oshawa should be at the top of your list. How do you know it’s time for new windows? If any or all of the following apply, it’s time for a change.

Too Much Shaking, Rattling, And Rolling

The sashes no longer fit snugly, meaning air seeps between them and the frames. When the wind is higher, that means quite a bit of rattling and other interesting noises. Since you don’t find the chorus of noise during a summer rain or a winter storm to be all that entertaining, it makes sense to contact a contractor and check out some options for new Canadian Choice Windows in Waterloo, ON.

All That Scraping, Sanding And Painting

While you are handy around the house, that doesn’t mean you enjoy every type of home upkeep and improvement. Sprucing up the windows is a prime example. You could do without the need to scrape, sand, and paint the window sills, frames, and sashes every few years. 

If you were to invest in new windows made using vinyl or aluminum, this part of home maintenance and upkeep goes away. The aluminum never needs painting, and the vinyl color never chips, fades, or needs anything other than a good cleaning. Think of all the things you can do when your windows need little in the way of cosmetic care. 

The Rising Costs Of Heating And Cooling

While it’s true that utility companies increase their rates from time to time, the primary reason you’re paying more in heating and cooling costs has nothing to do with the price. It’s all about the increased utility usage. That usage is higher because of the poor condition of the windows.

Depending on the type of new windows that you choose, it’s possible to save 15 – 20% on your annual heating and cooling costs. In order to find the most energy-efficient windows, it pays to work closely with a contractor. Along with lower utility costs, you’ll likely find that the temperature indoors is more uniform in every part of the house. That’s a huge plus when you’ve grown accustomed to living with some hot and cold spots. However, if investing in new windows isn’t feasible and your current ones still have life left in them, services like residential window tinting in Oklahoma City (or wherever it is you are located), can also reduce heat transfer. This creates a more comfortable living environment while potentially lowering your energy bills at the same time. 

Protecting The Market Value Of Your Home

The day will come when you want to sell the home. At that time, getting the best possible price is important. You’ll find that a home with windows that function well and look great will help attract more interested parties. In fact, higher-quality windows could be the edge that motivates a buyer to submit a bid for your property rather than a similar one found a few blocks away.

The bottom line is that new windows are an excellent investment. You get to enjoy the reduction in monthly utility costs and the improved look of the home. In the years to come, those windows will provide one more selling point that helps you fetch the best possible price. Talk with a contractor and come up with a plan. Once the windows are in place, you’ll know the expense was worth it.

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