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When we first moved into what is now our home, there were things that we wanted but couldn’t afford. This was the first home that was and still is truly ours. It was the first time that we didn’t have to move every couple of years because of job changes. Before we moved into this home, we had lived in a few others. The first home we had, we rented. But the second and third homes were part of hubby’s job so we were able to make some changes. Those changes were paint colors and adding outside space to the home.

I love being outdoors! So it is no surprise that the last three homes we added larger than life decks onto them. The first two decks, my husband built from scrap material he would find. But this last one since we knew it was to be the permanent home we wanted to wait and have a professional do the job.

We moved into the house in March of 2008 with no deck. We have two doors to the back yard. One enters through our laundry room and the other is a sliding glass door. For years we had just simple steps leading up to the entry of the sliding glass door. Yes, it was pitiful. But because I wanted it done without scrap materials I knew that I wanted a professional to do this exterior home improvement, a professional like Decks & Docks Lumber Company.

Our sliding door had those pitiful steps for years until the car accident happened in 2014. What does a car accident have to do with a deck you ask? Read on to find out why. The car accident left us with a nice insurance settlement from the other guy’s policy that we were finally able to afford that deck that I had dreamed about all those years ago. But we didn’t actually get the deck until the next year because we had to wait for the insurance companies to settle. But when they did, I got the deck of my dream.

Not only does the sliding glass door open out onto a beautiful deck now, but it also has two sets of staircases. One set leads to Allie’s little fenced in play yard. The other leads down to the back yard, with a puppy gate installed across it so Allie won’t get out. ( This was an added bonus. Before when Allie had to go out to potty, someone had to be with her at all time. Now we just open the door and let her go. When she is ready to come in, she stands up and scratches on the door. Almost like she is knocking. )

Adding a deck onto the back of our house not only enhanced our property but it also gave us more reason to be outside. Plus I love how I can rearrange things to give it a whole new look. So tell me do you have a deck? If so, did it come with your house or did you add it on after you moved in?

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