3 Great Value Baby Shower Gifts

Attending a baby shower can be a lot of fun; a great opportunity to spend time with friends, including one special one who is about to take the leap into motherhood. You’ll want to show all the love and support you can to the mom to be, and that means they can expect to get showered with gifts as well as love and good advice. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to cost you a lot, as I have some frugal yet friendly baby shower gift ideas that are sure to hit all the right notes.

3 Great Value Baby Shower Gifts from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

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Hand Crafted Shawls

This is a baby shower gift idea for the crafters out there. As a new mom, you can never have enough shawls or blankets to cradle your baby in, which is why they’re an enduringly popular christening and baby shower gift. For a truly unique present, however, you can’t beat a baby blanket that has been knitted or crocheted by hand, giving it a unique flavor and more than a hint of hand made love. If you’re already an adept crocheter or knitter then you can make the pattern as simple or complicated as you like. If you’ve not yet mastered these skills then it will be too late to learn them in time to make this present, but I recommend that you learn them anyway as they can come invaluable for making and repairing items of clothing, saving you money every time.

Personalized Gift Card

A card is a must take if you’ve been invited to a baby shower, and once again this is an area where the hand made and the personalized is going to lift something from the ordinary to the very special indeed. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to design, personalize and make a card that looks highly professional, as you can enlist the help of an online baby shower card template. You’ll find lots of designs to choose from, so whether you want the fun or the sentimental, there will be something to suit your taste. Once chosen, you can easily adapt the card to your own needs before passing it on with pride to the expectant mom.

The Gift Of Your Time

There are two things a new mom never has enough hands and time. Luckily, you can come to the rescue with both these things, and it’s a perfect gift that doesn’t have to cost you a penny. Make a certificate for the mom explaining what you’re going to do for her and her baby when they arrive back home. It could be the offer of a certain number of hours in babysitting duties, or a promise to come over and help with the housekeeping or cooking, or even to do the shopping for her in these vital and sometimes overwhelming early weeks of motherhood.

What could be a more precious baby shower gift than your time, or a card or shawl that has been made by your own fair hands? They’re baby shower gifts with a difference, but they can be much cheaper than buying a ready-made present from a shop or online and much more appreciated.

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