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This post was created in partnership with Harvest Snaps. I have been compensated for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Now that my oldest is away at college, I often worry about if she is eating right. Even though she is technically a junior this is her first time away at college and I don’t want her to pack on those dreaded “Freshman 15” from eating junk and also for Lunchspiration.

Both her and her boyfriend are often up late at night studying because of the course load they are carrying. With that said they are often eating during their late night study sessions. So when I was given a box of Harvest Snaps to review, I immediately added them to her care packages from home, of course I saved some for myself. These snacks are not only yummy but they are good for you as well. They are just what the doctor ordered for those munchies that strike during late night study sessions.

Interested here are a little bit more about Harvest Snaps. They come in a variety of flavors.  The Snapea Crisps come in the flavors of Lightly Salted, Black Pepper, Caesar and Wasabi Ranch. The Lentil Snaps come in Tomato Basil and Onion Thyme.

My favorite was the Lightly Salted Snapea variety. I love that this snacks were baked and that they are gluten free as well as high in fiber and protein. They are also low in sodium and fat, which makes a mom rest a little easier.


When I sent the care package to my daughter, both her and her boyfriend were a little hesitant to try them as you see by the picture that how hesitant he was. But after trying the Wasabi Ranch variety, he really liked them. Notice he had to take his glasses off for the after picture, it punched quite a kick.


As a mom I love that I can give this to my girls and know that it will be something they will enjoy eating as well as being healthy. Plus they have these really cute webisodes.

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