Smart Upgrades for Your Home

Smart Upgrades for Your Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Some easy improvements to your home can make it function better and provide a better living space for you and your family. Some standard upgrades for your home can add durability and efficiency to areas that may have become run down from years of use or heavy traffic. Keep your renovations simple and don’t overthink it! Consider these ideas for adding a modern touch to certain areas of your house.

Cook Up a New Design

Chances are, the kitchen is the one space where the family congregates daily. Lots of movement through this room has more than likely taken a toll on the flooring, counter space, and appliances. Start by thinking about the many water resistant flooring options that are out there. Protect the structure of your house and prevent corrosion by hiring professionals to install these materials for you. Are your counters showing their age? Look into switching them out for ones that prevent scratching or chipping. There are many color schemes you can go with to match a fresh coat of paint on the walls too. Treat yourself to a new refrigerator or range. Features such as built-in coffee makers that utilize pods and touch screen calendars are all the rage on new fridges. A range with dual ovens or a warming chamber will make holiday cooking a breeze.

Freshen Up the Laundry Room

There are a couple of things you can do in your laundry area to free up space. A purchase of a stacking washer and dryer can definitely create room to move. Don’t forget, with such home appliances, remember it is important to ensure they are clean internally, so do keep a good habit of cleaning the dryer and other gadgets. Use the newly created free space to place a shelving unit that reaches to the ceiling. Take advantage of all unused vertical space. This will save you from stumbling over the clutter that congregates on the ground. Look into crafting an ironing board that folds out from the wall. It will be better than wrestling with it when stored in an upstairs closet!

Streamline the Garage

If your garage requires a facelift, it doesn’t take much to get it looking good. Replace the old electrical switches with handy automatic ones. No more fumbling around in the dark when you arrive home after the sun goes down. They have the ability to be programmed to turn off at specific time intervals. Cleaning up spills and stains can be effortless when your concrete foundation is resurfaced with an epoxy resin. Perhaps the easiest way to spruce up a garage area is to organize it. A little time spent tidying up will pay dividends both aesthetically and practically.

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