What Money Personality Do You Identify With?

What Money Personality Do You Identify With from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Have you ever thought that you don’t have the ability to handle money as well as the people you follow and/or admire? You may have been able to take a course on personal finance and it has not been useful to you, or simply not as effective as it is for other people? One of the main reasons that you often do not keep in mind is the effect of one’s personality; since it has a great influence on the way, you relate to money and handle your personal finances. There are different types of personalities in relation to the world of money. Maxlend Reviews touch on three of them below.

The Logical

They are those who understand from the first moment that money is important as only a means. That is to say, they do not seek to have as much money as possible, but to use everything they get to improve their quality of life and optimize their well-being. They are people who are interested from the first instance in saving and investing and tend to seek to increase their financial knowledge to invest in medium and long-term plans. 

The main problem, in this case, is being able to cope with frustration. In every investment, there are moments of economic prosperity that allow obtaining great returns. On the other hand, there are other moments of a recession that the investment you are carrying out may decrease during a certain period of time. Being people very sure of themselves and their possibilities, seeing that they do not reach the established objectives and that they cannot improve their quality of life can generate a great sense of frustration, leading them to make serious mistakes. However, no matter the action they take, it is typically logical. 

The Accumulator

These types of people tend to believe that money is the most important thing in life and feel that they do not have enough. They seek to save everything they get and spend the least. As in the case of the accumulator, they are usually people who do not like to spend or lend money and who, at the least they do, feel bad. They try to have some excuse that allows them to avoid the moment of payment. 

Their main satisfaction is not having more and more money, but being able to enjoy everything they want with minimal expense. They tend to take advantage of the kindness and generosity of other people, so it is often very easy to place them near a social spender.

The Romantic

This type of personality is usually very imaginative and creative, capable of organizing large events and/or acts, but all driven by the same motive because they deserve it. They have earned it and that makes them happy and satisfied. Concerning money, they consider that everything related to organizing their finances is boring and the same with knowing the monthly expenses, the ability to save, and thinking about what to invest. They believe that these things take them away from having fun and from their own personal care of being happy and content.


If you feel you have identified with any of these types of personality, then you might want to evaluate yourself more, so you can successfully enter the world of personal finance. You may think that it is boring, that it will take time and deprive you of happiness, but really if you establish good guidelines in your personal finances, you can continue to “pamper yourself” but knowing for sure where the limits are.

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