Tips For Designing A Comfortable Bedroom

Tips For Designing A Comfortable Bedroom from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom


Your bedroom is one room in your home that you spend a lot of time. Most importantly, you want it to be comfortable and cozy for sleeping.

You can get a better night’s rest and will enjoy your space more when you take the time to decorate it and include all the right touches. Have fun making it your own and designing and decorating it with your personal taste and style. Learn more about what you can be doing to achieve this goal so that your bedroom is your sanctuary and a place you can go to feel secure and relaxed.

Choose the Right Lighting

One tip for designing a comfortable bedroom is to choose the right lighting for your space. You want to be able to set the right mood depending on the time of day. Install window treatments so that you can open and close them based on if you want to let in natural light or not. Also, consider using a LEpro wifi light bulb that dims and that you can control using a remote or mobile device. You’ll be able to turn the lights off when you’re ready to go to sleep without having to get up this way.

Keep is Subtle & Simple

Your bedroom isn’t a space that you want to be loud and bold because it may cause you to feel anxious and energized. Therefore, keep it subtle with paint colors that will make you happier when you wake up and help to put you at ease when you enter the room. Also, decorate tastefully and try to avoid putting out too many items so that you can avoid creating clutter. Consider hanging a painting above the bed or a family photo on the wall for a special touch. Also, choose the right size of furniture, so it doesn’t overpower the room, and there’s plenty of room to maneuver around and walk.

Include Plenty of Storage & Closet Space

You can also design a comfortable bedroom by including plenty of storage options. You likely have a lot of clothes and belongings that will need a place in your room. Therefore, purchase a dresser and a couple of nightstands and think about adding closet space if possible. You want to avoid your clothes and personal items spilling over onto the floor and other areas of the room so you can keep it tidy and clean from dirt and grime.

Invest in A Quality Mattress & Linens

The primary purpose of your bedroom is for you to have a place for you to sleep. Therefore, it’s worth your money to invest in a quality mattress and luxurious linens. The last situation you want is to wake up each day with a sore back. Make your bed the focal point by finding the perfect comforter that’s comfortable and goes well with your color scheme and design. You may want to place a throw at the end of your bed to add some texture and to cozy up the room even more. Add a few big and fluffy pillows to your bedroom design, and you’ll be all set.

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