GP: Personalized Gadgets: Ideal Gifts for Tech Lovers

Choosing a gift for someone we know – either a family member or a friend – is a particularly difficult process, certainly far more difficult than it should be considering how well you know the person. However, that actually adds to the issue as we know exactly what they do and don’t like, and the chances are that they’ve probably already got everything they like so it’s back to the drawing board.


To help you to find the ideal gift, try narrowing it down to the person’s interests, what really gets them excited. It could be sport, maybe technology or perhaps they’re a huge movie geek. In the case of a tech fan, you have all kinds of gift options with so many cool gadgets and gimmicks on the market ranging from personalized gifts like USB sticks that you can get from USB Makers to computer games and app store vouchers.

giftsPersonalized gifts are an ideal choice because they let you inscribe your message or select a certain style for the present you choose, helping your friend or family member to remember who the item was from and because you’ve chosen a style they like, they’re much more likely to use it on a regular basis.


A smartphone case or cover is a really clever idea, letting you choose a specific image that the person will love – maybe from their holiday or the day they met one of their heroes outside a football ground – and turning it into the protective case that covers their precious smartphone they can’t put down!


Another option would be a personalized remote control car. Many retailers will provide the chance to choose a particular make of car and then have a message put on it, or even to choose the characters on the number plate. This would be a great idea if the person is particularly keen on certain cars and loves playing with remote controlled toys and gadgets.


If you’ve got a bit more to spend – maybe it’s a gift that you’re teaming up to buy with other friends or family members – then you could invest in a personalized tablet, such as an iPad. When you buy the Apple computer, you can have a message written on the casing such as “happy 18th birthday” so that the recipient doesn’t only cherish the gift, but will always remember that particular occasion and the people who made it so special.

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