Hallmark Flowers Care Enough to Send the Very Best this Mother’s Day

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It used to be that the saying when that you care enough to send the very best just meant sending Hallmark cards. But did you know that it now applies to flowers? And this mother’s day why don’t you do just that. I recently had the chance to see first hand the amazing job Hallmark does with flowers.

I nominated my mom to receive a bouquet of flowers from Hallmark. You see it hasn’t been easy for her these last few years. You see it has been rough for years. My dad, her childhood sweetheart, passed away a year ago. After his death, there were a series of events that would have made a lesser person stumble and fall. You see after my dad died both my mom and my sister had a series of health scares. She has held on. She is a total rock for the whole family. So when Hallmark was asking for nominations for strong mother figures to receive a floral arrangement for mother’s day, I knew that my mom was the person I wanted to nominate. Just look at the beautiful bouquet she was sent.

love hallmark mom's arrangement

This was an amazing arrangement. And I was excited that I was able to get one for myself. Just look at the one I got.

Hallmark flowers

I will have to say that the flowers stayed alive for over two weeks. I have never had flowers that lasted that long. And I loved that it had tulips and roses in the arrangement, those are my absolute favorites.

Aren’t they just gorgeous? Want one for yourself why don’t you order one for your mom this mother’s day. There is still time all you have to do go to Hallmark flowers and check out their beautiful selections of flowers and show mom that you care enough to send the very best.

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