Allie’s Corner: Halloween Safety Tips For Dogs

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Hi folks,

Allie here, with an important public service announcement about the scariest time of years for us doggies, Halloween maybe fun for the kiddies but for us your four legged friends not so much. Here are some tips that will help you help us have a stress free Halloween.

  1. Give me lots of exercise and playtime before those little ghosts and goblins show up at the front door. 30 minutes of exercise would be more than enough to tire us out so that we are more relaxed when those visitors arrive.
  2. Give me a quiet room, a warm blanket and a nice cozy bed any day over being out there among those creatures of the night.
  3. Make sure that I am doorbell trained, so I know not to bark when those little tricksters ring the bell.
  4. Dogs like treats too. Buy me a new toy to play with just for that day. I love getting presents so I know your furry friend will to.
  5. Never leave any of your furry friends alone with your small human friends especially those human friends that are in costume. This is for our safety as well as our human friends as well.
  6. Be strict with those holiday sweets. No matter how much we beg for that piece of candy, cookies, cake or chocolate -DO NOT let us have them. It is not good for us and it can make us sick.
  7. Lastly, if you have candles or a jack-a-lantern with a candle inside make sure we are far away from them. Our tails like to wag so it better to be safe than sorry.

So hopefully these tips I have provided will help your fur babies as well as your human babies have a happy and safe Halloween.

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