Self Storage: How to Find the Best Storage Units for Your Needs

If you’re short on storage, you might be thinking about using a storage unit. We examine how to choose the best storage units for your needs.

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The U.S. self-storage business is growing rapidly, thanks to the high demand from businesses and individuals. Many storage companies offer various services at different prices, making it difficult to pick the best.

Thus, if you need to store away seasonal items, heirlooms, or things you aren’t using but can’t dispose of, you have to choose the best storage facility from the numerous ones available.

Here, we examine how to choose the best self storage units for your needs. Read on to find out!

Check the Accessibility of the Storage Units

How easily can you access the store when you need something? Are there reliable means of transport even in bad weather conditions? A facility located at the heart of the city will cost much more than one outside town, where space is less expensive.

Choosing the best self storage solution near you means you can reach it whenever needed. It’s even better if the storage unit can give you 24-hour access to your belongings.  

Assess the Service Charges

Storage facilities’ prices vary. Most storage units are independently owned so that owners can set their own prices. That’s why similar stores in the same area may have different prices.

Prices also depend on the kind of service you want. The climate-controlled units are more expensive than regular storage units because they incur extra expenses when running the air conditioning and heating systems to control the temperature.

It’s advisable to compare the services against prices and pick the best company. Also, watch out for deals and promotions. In certain circumstances, you will get a deal for renting more than one storage unit and save money. 

Check out this page to learn more about different prices for storage units in Pittsburg, PA.

Assess the Type of Items You Want to Store

The kind of items you want to be stored determines the storage unit to look for. Clothing, furniture, and electronics require climate-controlled storage units to protect them from extreme temperatures, humidity, and other external conditions.

For weather-tolerant items such as yard tools and lawn furniture, a regular storage unit will be fine and economical.

Also, consider the value of the items you want to store.  High-value items like electronics and machines require a more secure storage facility than low-value items.

If you have to move around with your items, you need a portable storage unit to transport or move your stored items wherever you go.

Assess the Size of Items 

Before you search for storage facilities, you need to take an inventory of the items you want to store. If you have a variety of different items, you need a big space to store all of them.

For large, hard-to-pile furniture, you require big storage units to fit all of them. The easy-to-pile items like boxes can fit in small storage space. To know the size of the storage unit to shop for, it’s important to measure the size of items you want to store.

Determine the Duration of Storage

Most household items succumb to extreme weather and humidity if exposed to such conditions over time. An indoor storage facility is a better choice when you’re going to store your belongings for an extended time period.

If your items stay longer in storage, you need a very secure facility that can guarantee their safety throughout the time. Thus, choose a facility with the storage duration in mind.

Observe the Security System

Your precious items can get stolen if the storage unit isn’t secure enough. Not all storage facilities invest in security. Therefore, pick a company that will give your belongings the utmost security.

The level of security you need depends on the value you attach to your items. If they aren’t much of value, any storage facility with basic security can do. To check if there is security, look for the presence of the following:

  • In-person surveillance
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Quality lighting
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Quality Fencing
  • Gates

Check for Insurance

Even with all the security measures, no system is 100% tamperproof; theft is always a risk. But even if your storage unit boasts strong security, natural disasters like fires and floods can still strike and cause damage.

The insurance company will cover the losses in case of damage. If you have items of high value, look for a storage unit with good insurance coverage. If their insurance is inadequate, and there’s no better alternative, you can self-insure your belongings.

It’s important to note that your belongings may have already been covered by your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance. However, you may still purchase additional insurance after consulting with your insurance agent.

Examine the Payment Policy

Some storage facilities may have an unusual payment plan if you don’t pay on time. Some types of contracts allow them to auction off your belongings if you don’t pay within the stipulated period.

Therefore, review the contract and check for any clause that might work against you. Before you append your signature, make sure you know what you are signing.

Check Customer Reviews

What are the company’s customers saying about their storage services? A credible review is a sign of customer satisfaction. If the company is good enough, its clients will rate it highly and also invite other clients to join.

You can check their social media, website, or review sites for customer feedback. Avoid companies with bad reviews, lest you join the list of their unsatisfied customers.

Do a Thorough Research

With all the above factors in mind, you will need to research to find all your answers. Some information you will find online on the company’s website or review sites.

If you find a company that interests you, visit them and ask all the relevant questions. Where possible, contact some of their clients and inquire if they are satisfied with the services they received.

Don’t shy away from visiting several self-storage facilities. Compare their prices, services, and customer service and work with the best.

Find the Best Storage Unit for Your Needs

Storing away some valuables declutters your home and makes room for new items. Follow our tips to find the best storage units for your household items.

Are you having difficulty decluttering your home and deciding what to store? Check out our house and home blogs for invaluable tips and tricks.

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