Frugality at the Speed of Life

Frugality is an important part of being a mom.  In order to keep your kids fed and dressed, you sometimes leave things out of your life that feel less important.  You don’t need the new jeans for yourself because your daughter is starting high school and wants them or you don’t buy the latest trend in shoes because your son is playing every sport there is.  But, did you know there’s a fashionable purse for you?  Miche offers fashion at a great price!


With Miche, purchase just one bag, with several size options, and then change your style easily and affordably.  If you start to get bored with your purse, just get yourself a new Shell!  Miche Shells come in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your every mood.  When you’re feeling a little wild, select an animal print like the Lexi or Bianca.  Feeling edgy?  Try the fiery red crocodile print of the Karma or go for a more traditional look with the Rouen or Marcy.  However you’re feeling, there is a Shell for you.

Being the fashionable, busy mom you are, we know you require a lot of stuff at all times to keep the kiddos happy.  Instead of hauling around a bulky diaper bag, why not get a stylish bag from Miche?  The Prima bag is the one you need.  It fits all the necessities of life and looks stylish at the same time.  In keeping with Miche trends, change the look of your Prima with the magnetic Shells as well. Don’t forego the styles and looks you want just because you have to carry diapers and sippy cups around.  With Miche, you can carry everything you need and be fashionable at the same time!



Miche knows that you’re busy and don’t have time to switch the contents from one purse to another when you want a new look.  Miche allows for you to change to a new style without taking everything out of your bag.  Just remove the Base Bag and put on your new Shell.  You’re ready to go with your new look in just a matter of seconds.  With all of these great options at a very reasonable price, you can stay trendy and on schedule.  It’s fashion at the speed of life!

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