Choosing Activities that Will Enrich Your Children without Breaking the Budget


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There’s no denying that there are plenty of life lessons that are best taught outside the classroom. Afterschool activities can empower children to explore their interests, build social skills and create a strong sense of self.  However, many of these activities can be costly and beyond the budgets of hard-working parents. Therefore, below are some suggestions aimed at helping you to find enriching activities for little ones that won’t put a strain on your finances.


If your child loves to draw or make creations out of everyday items, he or she may enjoy enrolling in a craft class. There is something for everyone, from jewelry making to crocheting to scrapbooking to woodworking.  Cheap painting classes, found on Groupon, and can focus on watercolor or acrylics and, if your budding artist is ambitious, even advance up to oil paintings and portraits. Crafts are a great way to develop fine motor skills in younger children and establish a healthy creative outlet for negative emotions for pre-teens. Moreover, it will help individuals of all ages to learn patience and develop an eye for details

Craftwork can be an expensive hobby for parents to support. However, you can find ways to save money. Here are some suggestions:

  • Browse around for the best price online, and check out what is offered at the local library, community center or school. Furthermore, YouTube is a wonderful resource for these types of activities for instructional videos.
  • Look for classes through hobby stores or craft shops like Michaels for the younger kids. Often they charge a minimal fee of just $2 or $3 with supplies included.
  • Plan ahead and buy materials when they are on clearance before signing up for a class.

Music Lessons

Most kids love music and enjoy participating in one form or another. However, don’t be overzealous and immediately purchase a costly cello for your child without first testing their aptitude. Observe their interest level and willing to commit by first buying smaller, affordable children’s musical instruments from vendors like West Music. Recorders, play drums and smaller keyboards will enable kids to learn the basics without you having to hand over hundreds or thousands of dollars.

For affordable beginners’ lessons, find a high school or college student that knows the instrument your child wants to learn and offer to pay them for lessons. This is usually much cheaper than hiring a professional, a step that you should explore once your child’s talents start to grow.

Musical expression will help your child to acquire work ethic and an increased aptitude for reading and math. Furthermore, it can serve as the foundation for friendships, pride in one’s accomplishments and a lifelong passion.


If your child is athletic and enjoys playing sports, you can often find many opportunities to develop his or her interest. If the preference is for a sport not provided through the school, you can find other community programs that offer special options. For instance, many rec centers provide after-school programs that include physical activities. These are often on a scholarship basis, which means you may pay less or the program could be free.

Sports allow your child to develop agility, speed, balance, and other physical characteristics that will benefit him or her throughout life. In addition, it helps kids learn cooperation, teamwork, and how to handle winning and losing with grace and dignity.

Regardless of your child’s interests, you can always find a way to encourage it through participation and education. If cost is a problem, look for ways to save such as asking about scholarships or finding alternative learning methods. The benefits of these activities will last them throughout their lives and help them develop into adults of strong character and self-confidence.


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