How to Save a Pretty Penny on Household Appliances

How to Save a Pretty Penny on Household Appliances from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Household appliances are one of those things that everyone has to buy at some point or another but nobody wants to. The fact that they can be such dull purchases drives many people to just ‘get it over with’.

However, taking the quick route will often lead to you paying way over the odds for your goods.  Whether it’s a big purchase like a fridge freezer or something smaller such as a vacuum cleaner or microwave don’t just take the easy way out.

The best place to start no matter what the purchase is a well-researched comparison article. Believe it or not, there are people out there who test, use and review appliances online. For example, this article compares the cheapest vacuum cleaners and weighs up the pros and cons of each model against one another.

Compare something like the resource above with walking into a retail showroom. The salespeople in that environment are thinking of one thing only – their commission. They will sell you whatever has the highest kickback in their pocket, not what is the best value or best suited to your needs.

However, the in-store shopping experience has several benefits for customers as well. You get to see the products hands-on, touch it, get a feel for it and in some cases see a demonstration. So it’s not all bad news, the money-saving advice though would be to narrow down a range of choices from online research and see them in store. After you’ve looked at the products with your own eyes, go back to the web and order them at a discount! As long as you can overcome the salesperson’s hard closing you should be fine!

If you manage to make it back to the safety of the internet after going in store to see the products, there are other things you can do to achieve further discounts. One of the most popular methods of making a saving online is to use a cashback website.

Now if you’re not familiar with how this works it’s actually a pretty simple process. The online retail space is fiercely competitive and as such businesses are trying to do anything they can to pull in customers. It’s no surprise seen as how anyone with enough money for a domain name and some cheap hosting can start a business.

So what retailers do to make sure they’re in the running for a sale is offer consumers cash back on their purchase after the sale is completed. This works out better for them than just offering a discount code, because the voucher space is just too flooded to be noticed these days. On top of that, the psychology to buy is stronger; as the money is physically paid back to people rather than just taken off.

All you have to do is sign up to a cashback site and you’ll enjoy an even higher discount than online prices, via a refund which is usually sent to you within 30 days.

So next time you need to buy a boring household well, be smart about it – it pays off!

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  1. Wow! great tips.

    I agree it’s important to fight our impulses while at the store because salesman don’t necessarily try to find wha is the best fit for our needs but rather what will make them the best paycheck!

    I wouldn’t have thought of cashback sites, but it’s probably worth exploring for a purchase of a few hundred dollars.

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