How to Make Plans at the Last Minute (and Still Have Fun)

How to Make Plans at the Last Minute (and Still Have Fun) from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

You might not be much of a planner. Your days go by, you have fun, you hang out. You don’t put a ton of thought into your plans, and, as a matter of fact, you usually don’t have any. You’re flying through life by the seat of your pants, and planned events seldom find their way into your schedule. If that’s you, you might find this article helpful–since even you might need to sit down and make plans someday soon. Your friends might not be okay with “whatever” forever.

If the previous description doesn’t suit you at all, you might have the opposite problem. You might be too much of a planner. Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, you’ve planned your agenda. You know when you’re relaxing, and how you’re doing it. For you, if plans fall through, it’s a nightmare. You like to have things lined up neatly ahead of time. This article can be a help to you, too! Everyone should know the art of making last-minute plans and making those last-minute plans work.

Without further ado, here’s a simple list of last-minute plans that usually work out well. Use it next time your friends want to actually do something or when your neatly-arranged plans fall through.


Last-minute tickets can be a lifesaver. Musicals, plays, and sporting events often have discounted “day-of” tickets that they sell at lower (sometimes way lower) prices. You can head to the box office and ask if they have cancellations, or you can get Cleveland Indians tickets or concert tickets without additional fees. Get a list of places near you that offer discounted same-day tickets. That way, you won’t waste an hour calling and looking if you do need some last-minute seats.

Impromptu Tours

Everyone loves a food tour, and the good thing about them is that you don’t need a tour guide. While some planning needs to be done ahead of time, even that can be last minute. A coffee, cupcake, chocolate, beer, or pizza tasting could be a great way to travel through town all night long, comparing the best of nearby flavors.

Free Stuff

No matter where you live, there’s always something fun to do for free. Try hiking, swimming, or climbing at a local nature preserve. Check out free museums, or google other free activities in your hometown.

When it comes to making last-minute plans, get creative. Not everything works out at the last minute, but having some ideas up your sleeve can make good times happen no matter when last minute plans are needed.

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