Keeping a pet clean can be quite a challenge for you. The market is full of pet cleaning vacuum cleaners that promise a lot of heavens in terms of cleaning but actually do not deliver the expected results. There are a number of factors which need to be considered when you think of investing on a new pet vacuum. In the guide below you will exactly know and understand the best pet vacuum for you, your home and your pet.

1) What are you cleaning?

The most important questions to be asked are-

  • Is your place big or small?
  • Do you have mostly wall to wall carpeting, bare floor or area rugs?
  • Is it high traffic area causing a lot of dirt?
  • Does the area accumulate little or more dirt?

It’s a fact that most of the long-haired pets shed more hair than short hair so the intensity of cleaning required can vary here. Knowing what you need to clean and keeping this mind will help you decide the specific features that work for you while buying a pet vacuum.

2) Full sized or handheld

It is very difficult to keep the pet can find in a specific area all the time this means that you will find the pet going just about everyone in your house this makes it necessary to have a cleaner that has a capability to clean all affected areas. In order to accomplish this, you’ll have to make a choice between a full-size machine, a smaller or a portable one. Full-sized upright or a canister vacuum offers powerful suction and extensive features while the handheld vacuum offers portability and mobility. The lightweight vacuums come with many advantages for cleaning up pet hair. If portability is your main concern stick with a powerful handheld that is strong enough to deal with these kinds of messes but lightweight enough to move around freely.

3) Suction power

A great suction power is achieved by a combination of many factors like the type of filter, the shape of the nozzle and other features of the motor power. The reason suction strength is important for a pet vacuum is not only because it’s required for picking up hair particles of varying sizes but also making sure that the hair is properly brought into the dirtbag/ cup and kept inside safely.

4) Corded or cordless

The best vacuum for pet hair are usually the ones that are more portable and mobile with a reasonable suction power given that the pet can be found in many places and not just on floors. Corded vacuums should have long enough cords so that it can be moved into a larger cleaning radius. Cordless vacuum is run on chargeable batteries. Charging the battery may consume a lot of time and power. It is up to your discretion to buy a corded or a cordless model.

5) Bagged or bagless

Bag vacuums are always a better choice and holding the dirt intact than the bagless ones. This is why people with allergies are advised to use them. They come with an extra cost since they will require frequent replacements of dirt bags unlike bagless vacuums, that only required empty and cleaning the dirt cup/canister.

6) Filtration 

The pet dander carries the airborne allergens which usually finds its way into the air. You need a vacuum cleaner with a good filtration system that can keep the air pure, free from pet hair, dander, dust, and allergens.

7) Capacity

The capacity of a cleaner’s dirtbag or canister is a very important factor to consider because it affects how much cleaning you can do before you stop to empty it. Larger capacities are ideal for large cleaning areas. If your pet sheds hair frequently it is advisable to find a top rated vacuum cleaner for pet hair and also has a large holding capacity.

8) Weight

The weight of the cleaner you buy will determine how easily and how fast you can move it from place to place without expending too much of your energy while cleaning.

9) Extras

Some extra features, tools, and attachments are very important. The best pet hair vacuums are typically the ones that also come with service tools, nozzle tools, and brush tools that make it a lot more effective to clean stubborn messes. This is something that you should consider while investing in a pet vacuum.

10) Cost

The cost of a vacuum cleaner may vary greatly from model to model and from store to store. It should be known that even though the price corresponds with features and functionality some cleaners may actually be cheaper yet effective than their high-end counterparts.

Conclusion –If you want best affordable vacuum you need to do some research on sites like Vacuum Koo before investing. Visit different stores, read reviews of different vacuums and look at different customer feedbacks online. You need to be patient while comparing the vacuum cleaners and then determine which of the above features are most important to you before taking a decision.

Good research and patience will help you find the perfect vacuum you have been searching for your pet without overspending.


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