5 Ways to Plan an Orlando Family Vacation on a Budget

orlando family vacation

An Orlando family vacation to Disney World may be high on your families dream list of places to visit. But if you’re on a budget, you may feel that this type of trip is out your reach. With the following tips, you’ll be able to take in all that this vacation paradise has to offer without breaking the bank.

The Best Time to Visit

Planning an affordable family vacation can be challenging. But if you have your heart set on Orlando, there are many ways you can curb your costs and still show your family Disney’s offerings. Orlando has a variety of seasons and some are less costly than the others. If your schedule is flexible, April, May, and October are prime choices to secure a visit. Here you’ll find fewer crowds and shorter lines for many of the exhibits. You’ll also find the weather conditions ideal for getting around. The parks may also be less costly and have better specials to generate interest. Spring break, holidays and during the summer are deemed high seasons. You’ll find prices much greater than the least active times of the year.

Prime Accommodations

Although you may want to stay on the grounds of the parks, Disney World’s accommodations can be expensive.  Westgate Reservations http://www.westgatereservations.com/resorts/westgate-town-center/ has inexpensive rooms right next to Disney World. Located in the heart of Disney paradise and nearest to the theme parks without actually having to stay on the grounds, it’s also centered close to other attractions, shops, and restaurants. With a blend of entertainment, luxury, and convenience, you’ll enjoy top rated accommodations and amenities at an affordable price for the family. Westgate Town Center rooms provide all the comforts of home such as in-room washer and dryer, fully equipped kitchen, patio, jetted tub and more. Westgate also offers other amenities if you’re looking for a break away from the Disney scene that includes Jurassic mini golf, 14 heated outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, volleyball, water park and a movie theater.

How to Get to Orlando

A flight to Orlando can be expensive for a family, so you need to look out for sales. If you’re flexible with dates, you may be able to score some pretty low fares. Booking far in advance can also be a cost-efficient way to travel. There are a number of credit cards available that allow consumers to rack up mileage points for every dollar spent. If you don’t currently have such a card, you want to look into applying. If the costs of flying are still too high, you may want to travel by car. A family road trip is a great way to see different locations and build family memories. With enough money for gas, you can pack up your car and begin your Orlando adventure. Gas prices are typically higher near holidays and during the summer. If you can, schedule your trip during the off-season.

Dining Out

Eating out accounts for a major portion of a family’s vacation expenses. When you’re looking for places to dine, search out deals where children get to eat free. If you stay at a resort with a kitchenette, you can plan on eating in a couple meals to save money. Visit your local grocery store and stock up on cereal, milk, bread for sandwiches and snacks. This should leave you plenty of spending money for special meals out.

Attraction Deals

Theme park prices for a family can be high. But you can still enjoy world-class adventures and stay within your budget. You can begin by purchasing your theme park tickets in advance of your arrival. If the park is crowded, it could also save you a lot of time waiting in line. Time may not allow you the chance to visit each of the Orlando theme parks. Hold a family meeting and pick the places everyone wishes to see most.

Planning a trip to Orlando can be an exciting time in a family’s life. But to ensure that you stay within your budget, you want to do your homework first. The above tips will help you map out an exciting plan that’s well within your monetary means.

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