Great DIY Ideas For Throwing A Backyard Party

Great DIY Ideas For Throwing A Backyard Party from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The weather may be getting a little colder but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to host a great party in your backyard.  Fall is a good time to get friends and family together before the madness of the holidays starts and everyone retrieves into their homes for the long and cold winter.  Here are some things to consider when throwing a DIY backyard party and not breaking the bank in the process.

The Theme

As any seasoned hostess knows, establishing a theme is the first step in creating any great party.  Luckily fall can provide some great inspiration in establishing your party theme.  Whether you host a fall festival, transform your backyard into a pumpkin patch or have a ghoulish time celebrating Halloween, there are plenty of ways to throw a DIY party on a budget.  Blogger Rachel Pereira transformed her backyard into a fall festival that was fun for the entire family by doing many DIY projects to makeover her yard into an autumn oasis.

The Setting

Even though most backyards are naturally decorated in the fall with the changing colors of trees and yards filled with leaves, you still may want a few ideas to decorate your backyard before your party.  Your secret weapon:  Pumpkins.  Before your party, take the kids to the local pumpkin patch or grocery store and pick out a variety of all sizes.  The smaller pumpkins can be placed on candleholders, the larger ones can be monogrammed with each family member’s initials and placed throughout the yard.  Own a pool?  Many people may be surprised but pumpkins do float in water.  Select several pumpkins and place them in your pool for a great fall look and a wow factor for both adults and kids.

The Menu

Food and drinks are the most important but also the most costly of any expense for throwing your own party.  The best way to save money:  prepare one main dish then ask each guest to bring a side dish to compliment what you are serving.  Also, a DIY bar is a great addition to a fall party.  J.M. Hirsch, food editor for The Associated Press and contributor to www.nhmagazine.com, suggests setting up a table with a couple of cases of wine and inexpensive wine glasses.  For around the bar, he recommends setting up ice-filled tubs with juice boxes for the kids.

The Centerpiece

Once you have your party scheduled, guests invited, and a theme picked out you want to focus some attention on centerpieces.  Centerpieces may seem like a small detail, but they can make your table a real eye-catcher for all your guests.  Instead of opting for one large centerpiece for her table, interior designer Jenny Komenda used her apple theme to create something special.  Apple centerpieces are a frugal way to decorate your table without breaking the bank.

By creating a theme and finding fun and frugal DIY ways to throw your backyard party such as making your seating from Acrylic Sheets, you can then focus on having fun with your family and guests. All while enjoying your backyard before winter comes.

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