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The other day I reviewed a cute little book about a boy and his monkey. Today, I am happy to tell you that I Rufus and Ryan have another book this time it is about saying their prayers. In Rufus and Ryan Say Their Prayers by Kathleen Long Bostrom, the concept of being thankful for what you have is taught. Here is a brief summary of the story.


When Ryan says his prayers at night, Rufus is right by his side. Ryan’s prayers – giving thanks, asking God to bless his family and just sharing his day show that talking to God is something anyone can do. This charming duo will encourage little ones to pray.

I will have to say that I have fallen in love with these books. Even though my children are way past the stage of board books, this book can be used to encourage thankfulness. I had to laugh when I first got these books, because Gracie wanted to immediately read them to our dog Allie. This reminded me of the characters in the book.

I like how prayers are portrayed as a normal routine in everyday life. Too often we forget to pray, so getting in the habit will help that forgetfulness. I also like how Ryan first starts his prayers off with a question to God- asking him if he had a good day. Then he thanks God for all his blessings like ice cream cones. But he not only shows what he is thankful for but he also asks for help with things that he struggles with like listening, Finally he asks for blessings for everyone,

His prayers are so sweet that I am reminded that we all need a childlike quality when we pray. It is the simple prayers that are the best as well as the sweetest.

Kathleen Long Bostrom (kathleenlongbostrom.com) is a published children’s author in both the Christian and trade markets. An experienced preschool educator who has worked in children’s ministry for many years, Kathy has a master’s degree in Christian Education and a Doctorate of Ministry in preaching. Kathy and her husband, Greg, have three grown children and live in Illinois.

Who illustrated the books?

Rebecca Thornburgh (rebeccathornburgh.com) began illustrating children’s books full-time in 1996 and today has almost 100 books to her name. Rebecca’s vibrant watercolors have been showcased in previous Ideals titles, including the new edition of The Story of Christmas. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two daughters. 

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