Saving Money Right from the Beginning: Finding Deep Discounts When Booking Your Holiday Trip

booking your next trip

Everyone wants to save money. The best time to do that is right when you book your trip. So, here are some expert tips that will help you out, but read on to learn much more about how to travel and save money on the finer things in life.

Research Your Options

The easiest way to save money is to have done your research in advance. If you do, then you’ll be better equipped to save money. It’s hard to resist the urge to get your family holiday booked quickly and avoid it hanging over your head. But, deciding to book without doing any research is a big mistake. The same holiday varies in price by a wide margin depending on who you book it through.

Another important thing to remember is clear your cookies and cache on your computer before making a final booking. Sometimes, websites are able to see you have visited the page before and may up the cost to get you to pay more.

Where to Fly

Make sure you choose your destination carefully. Certain countries that aren’t in the Euro can be cheaper and you’ll get more for your money. For example, going to Poland, Bosnia, BulgAria, and Croatia is relatively inexpensive. They all have beaches and plenty of places to explore. Your money will go much farther, too.

Be Mindful When Booking

When you book your flight, it’s not uncommon for airlines to overbook. They do this because they’re stressed for passengers. They fly more miles than ever before, and they manage it because they’re really aggressive on sales. This sometimes comes back to bite them as they end up overselling their seats.

When this happens, they need to bump passengers. And, when they bump passengers, what happens is they will either ask for volunteers or start bumping people automatically. According to, you have rights when they do this. A lot of airlines will want to give you a travel voucher.

You may not want this. While a voucher gets you back on a plane at a different time, they can also have blackout dates and times, and come with restrictions. Airlines must offer you financial compensation, like a refund, if you want it.

When You Book Matters

Many parents place a great importance on dates for holidays. But, experts believe you should pay more attention to when you’re making the booking. For a good deal, you need to book in advance of the trip, but booking last minute can also sometimes save you money if you buy up empty seats that weren’t sold. The real disadvantage to booking last minute is your destination might be limited.

Saving on Flights

Saving money on flights used to be easy. Online booking would get you more than 80 percent of the way there. But, today, everyone’s on the Internet trying to find deals. A counterintuitive trick is to fly during school holidays. Some sites let you change your booking after the fact. So, if you book during term time, then after 24 hours, move the date one to three weeks earlier, you can save money on a flight that would normally cost more.

It’s a way to book late and still save money. If you experience any flight problems, look for a free online claims calculator like this one to find out if you can receive compensation for your troubles.

Although taking a trip may sound like an expensive adventure, by looking for discounts and savings, you will be able to enjoy traveling without emptying your bank account. The more you save, the more you can travel, too.

[info_box type=”pale_box”]Kim Jarrett is a Mother who has her eyes on the purse strings; she can spot a good deal a mile away! Most recently she’s been saving for the summer holiday and enjoys helping others make savings too.[/info_box]


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