How To Make Your Child Believe In Miracles

How To Make Your Child Believe In Miracles

Raising children is a massive responsibility going beyond providing for their physical needs. You also have to nurture their emotional and spiritual growth. Encouraging them to pray, taking them for church visits, and volunteering for a cause are some ways to boost these aspects of your child’s growth. You can go the extra mile by helping them believe in miracles as they are God’s way of helping people. If you trust miracles, your faith in God becomes stronger. As a parent, you must ensure that your kids have a clear vision and an open mind to see, believe, and trust miracles. Here are some actionable ways to do it. 

Start early

Spiritual education should start at a young age because it is easy to bend and mold a young mind. Moreover, toddlers see and believe miracles easily, and the simplest examples are enough to convince them. The sooner you start with spiritual conversations, the better, but remember to pick things they can see and relate with. Show instances from everyday life, and associate them with miracles.

Talk about birth

Birth is perhaps the most spectacular miracle of all, and talking about it with your child is perhaps the easiest way to reinforce their belief. Tell the child about their birth, record the memories in a journal, and take pictures of the special moments. Talk about how God creates and nurtures life, and connect the narrative with their birth and growth over the years.

Narrate stories

Kids are more likely to pay attention to stories instead of facts and statements. Picking the right bedtime stories can build their interest in miracles. You can read angel stories, fairy tales, and religious books to inspire them and foster their faith. Make things more realistic by providing real-life narratives such as a loved one healing from a terminal illness because they believed in God.

Seek inspiration from nature

Nature is the source of endless miracles, but people tend to take it for granted because they see it every day. However, you can seek inspiration from nature when introducing a little one to the concept of miracles. Wake them up early to see the sunrise, let them count the stars at night, and ask them to draw the shapes of clouds. Take them out in the garden to look at plants and insects. Every time they see these creations, their faith becomes stronger. 

Address doubts

A teen or young adult is likely to doubt the existence of miracles, even if you give them a good start with spiritual education from a young age. You must have convincing arguments to address their doubts and answer their questions. Let your faith and love for God guide you to set your children on the right path. Once you see the way forward, driving your children to it becomes easy.

Making your child believe in miracles is easier than it sounds. Start by strengthening your faith and picking the most relevant examples a child can connect with. You will not have to struggle to convince your kids about the best blessings of God.

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