What A Day It has Been?

Today started like any other day, I got up and fixed Gracie’s lunch and got her ready for school. Because I did not have to go work today, I thought I would be able to get some stuff done on the blog. I had made plans to meet a friend for lunch but before that I had to go by and get my paycheck. I went to pick up my friend and while I was waiting for her I filled out the deposit envelope and placed the envelope and my bank card on the console in my car. Big Mistake!!!!  When I went to the bank to deposit my check before lunch, my card was gone !!!! We had not left the car so I know it had to be there somewhere.  Take a look at this picture.

See the little tiny opening under where the power outlets are, well my card slipped down through there. I tried getting it out but could not. I ended up calling my husband to see if he could get it out. He came home from work to try. He was able to see the card but not able to get it. I ended up driving him back to work using his car. We decided that it would be better to let my car sit because we had no idea what kind of damage would be done to it or it would do to the car. I went to pick up Gracie from school using his car. I then had to go back to pick him up at work at 5. After he got home, he went back to work on getting the card out. It took him another 1/2 hour he had to remove a panel and one of the air conditioning vents and finally I have my card. Tomorrow there will be tape going up to block that little opening so it will happen again. I am writing to warn you because I never thought this would ever happen to me. The tape may not look pretty but it will save a lot of aggravation and worrying on my part.

One last picture for you to remember.


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  1. Who would’ve thought something like that would happen?! Great that your husband was able to get that assembly apart to retrieve the card. Kudos to him! I’d sure be taping that spot up, too.

  2. Wow that is pretty bizarre! In my car the gap between the drivers seat and the center console is JUST barely skinnier than my hand is thick so I hate when I drop a pen or my debit card,etc down in there because it hurts my hand to yank it out. It’s frustrating enough to drop things down in there i can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been for you to have to tear your car apart just to get it back.

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing… That sounds like something that would happen to me… I’m always losing things in the weirdest ways / finding things in the weirdest places.

  4. Your article is very good,memory is too beautiful,I am so happy to read this. Thank you for sharing with us!

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