Protecting Your Home With Modern Security

Protecting Your Home With Modern Security from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A home security system is a great tool to protect your home, but a tool is all it is.  You can’t trust one system to protect your home and family entirely.  This is why we are lucky to be living in the twenty-first century; we have so many great opportunities to protect our homes that were not available ten years ago. By using safety devices, you can always keep an eye on your home, even when you aren’t at home. There are also many little home repairs you can implement to make your time at home safer from intruders.

Add Quality Doors

Never trust anything but the best when you’re choosing the doors into your home.  Many house owners believe that an alarm system is all the protection they need. This causes them to let down their guard on the quality of security features like doors. It is important that you are very careful when buying the doors to your home. Here are some quality double front doors that you could consider ordering. Strong doors will make it harder for a burglar to break into your home and will possibly serve as a warning for potential burglars that they shouldn’t mess with you. It is important to have strong doors guarding every entrance into your castle, especially the front door.

Keep Your Yard Well Maintained 

Keep all your shrubs, trees, and other brush well maintained. Anywhere that offers a hiding place to intruders is like a welcome invitation to break into your home. Look out your windows. What are some areas that an intruder could use to hide from your watchful eye? Remove these areas as soon as possible.

Update Your Security Camera System

Home security cameras are no longer as hard to come by as they were only a few years ago. You can now find all types of cameras made to look like average household electrics. These cameras are often multi-functional making it possible for you to watch you home from places no one would think of looking. Put cameras in front of doors and major entry points. These cameras can be set up in sync with a smartphone so that you can watch your home from anywhere in the world.

Put Christmas Lights on Timers 

Even Christmas can be used to maximize home security by using timers on your Christmas lights. Never unplug your Christmas lights during the Christmas season. Set your lights on a timer so that they will turn themselves off at a set time in the evening. Burglars often drive past houses several times before they force their entry.  If your lights are timed, burgers will realize that they cannot use your lights to determine if you are awake or asleep.  Also, if you are looking for some fun ornaments, here is an interesting blog post.

Keep Basements Locked

Keep a door dividing any finished basements from the rest of your house.  Burglars will have a much easier time gaining access to your house through a basement window or door, and the likelihood that you will notice their entry is much lower when entering through the basement.  Never leave an opening from your basement into the rest of your house. Keep a lockable door in place to divide your basement from your first floor. Guard this door as well as you would any other door by installing security cameras and alarms.

Add Smart Lights

Smart lights are another new piece of home security you can use to protect your treasured possessions. Have you ever wished you could turn off or on the kitchen lights while you are in the family room? Smart lights will let you have this control. By installing smart lights in your home, you will be able to control the lights of your home even when you are away. Here is an article by The New York Times on the use of smart lights for home security purposes. The great thing about smart lights is that you will be able to use them to get the upper hand on any burglars. You can flash the light as they stand in your house and make taking anything from your house more difficult and frightening.

There are many tricks a homeowner can use to protect their home, family, and pets from potential harm. It is important that all homeowners stay focused and use the best tools available to aid in their protection.

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