3 Ways to Make Your Home Less Enticing to Burglars

As a loving and devoted mom, you try to keep your home as safe and secure as possible at all times. You lock all windows and doors when you leave, you are careful about picking up packages as soon as they are delivered to your door and you have driven around the block more times than you care to admit to double check that you really did close that garage door.

While these are all admirable and effective safety habits, your home may inadvertently be advertising itself to burglars as a great place to check out. As for how you can reduce your home’s “curb appeal to bad guys,” follow these tips.

Invest in a security camera system

If you don’t already have a security camera system installed outside of your exterior doors and windows, now would be a great time to consider purchasing one. A security camera can be an effective way to deter burglars from choosing your home to target. If you are ready to shop for one, consider one of Lorex Technology’s new security camera systems that feature some really cool and innovative features. For instance, the 4K Ultra HD Resolution 8MP camera comes in a set of four white cameras that you can install on your own; as a bonus, Lorex does not require you to sign up for any type of security camera system plan. This camera is from Lorex’s new Nocturnal IP line; in addition to crystal-clear 4K resolution recording and listen-in audio, the camera features Color Night Vision, which means the camera will continue to record in living color, even when the sun goes down.

Nail the doggy door closed

While you might envision burglars as these big burly guys who would never be able to fit into your doggy door, Reader’s Digest notes that there are plenty of people who can easily wedge their way through the small opening in the door. By all means, if your doggy door is visible from the street, consider either nailing it closed, having a contractor remove the door and replace it with drywall or secure it with a lock when you are not at home. Since burglars are known to walk the perimeter of the property, if your doggy door is at the rear of your home, you really should consider taking these same precautions.

Add a fence or other barrier between the front and backyard

Speaking of the rear of your home, Fashion Beans points out that thieves will choose the easiest and most convenient way to get into your home. For most burglars, this is usually a back window or door, where they are less likely to be spotted by a sharp-eyed neighbor. If your front yard flows around the house to the back with no fence separating the two, it will be easier for a burglar to gain access to the back of your home. Most burglars will not be keen on the idea of scaling a 10-foot fence, so if you have considered adding one to your landscaping, now would be a great time to do so.

Home sweet safer home

These tips are not meant to scare you in any way; rather, they will hopefully help you realize that keeping your home safe goes beyond the smart things you are already doing. By adding in a home security camera system, eliminating a doggy door and erecting a fence, you will help reduce your home’s curb appeal to burglars.

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