The Work of an Offshore Injury Lawyer

The Work of an Offshore Injury Lawyer from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When you think of injuries in the workplace, your mind tends to conjure up images of trips and spills in factories, stores, etc. But what about the thousands of offshore workers? They are susceptible to a wide range of injuries and accidents and under maritime laws, there are certain rights workers and their families are entitled to. An offshore injury lawyer should be your first port of call should you wish to pursue a claim, and here is a bit more information to tell you about the role they play. Keeping reading to find out more about the work of an offshore injury lawyer.

Most Common Accidents

Working offshore can be a dangerous business, and even with stringent health and safety guidelines in place serious accidents still happen. Those workers based on jackup rigs, oil rigs, and offshore platforms are at the greatest risk of serious injury, along with those who work on the vessels that service them. Many of these accidents are due to the hazardous nature of the actual work they carry out, but injuries and accidents can also be caused by somebody’s negligence.

Location, Location, Location

The different types of offshore accidents which take place will vary greatly depending on location. An example of this is the accidents stemming from fire and explosions. Those individuals who work on rigs, platforms, and vessels are surrounded by a multitude of materials that are not only flammable but often explosive as well. Should a ventilation system malfunction, or fuel incorrectly stored, or 2 vessels collide, fire and explosions will invariably be the result and the injuries those caught up in these disasters will suffer can be catastrophic, if not fatal.

Other Accidents

Being hit by a falling object is another big risk when working offshore. In fact, the most common injuries to occur on a rig or vessel is a worker getting smacked by an object which is either falling or flying. Some of the biggest support structures and heavy machinery in the world are used on rigs. Imagine if one slipped and the potential disaster that would be for everyone in the vicinity? Slips and falls are also very common. A lot of these are due to bad weather and the surface of the decks but some recently reported offshore injuries include falls caused by rusted walkways, loose welds on the stairways and areas where the handrails are missing or broken.

The Work of the Offshore Injury Lawyer

Injury lawyers all work in a very similar way, and the offshore injury lawyer is no exception. Yes, there are some differences due to the fact they are dealing with cases that occurred offshore as opposed to terra firma. The main problem is not being able to visit the scene of the accident easily. You can’t hail a cab to an oil rig. A lot of their work depends on witness statements and, hopefully, somebody having the forethought to take pictures. Proving negligence offshore is a more complicated business than your usual run of the mill personal injury claim and these cases can be lengthy and expensive. If you feel you have a claim contact an offshore injury lawyer for the latest advice in this area.

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