Ditch your landline: Tips for homeowners to reduce their phone bills

Ditch your landline- Tips for homeowners to reduce their phone bills From NC Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Parents spend hundreds of dollars on phone bills that take away a portion of their fortune every month. Amidst economic downturn and uncertainty, the frequent use of landlines and cell phones for all incoming and outgoing calls wreaks havoc on your earnings.  Calling long-distance is sometimes unavoidable for people with spouses working miles away or for other family reasons. However, relying on a landline for that in 2021 makes no sense, literally!

Landlines can be way too expensive for both local and long-distance calls. Since landline use does not guarantee the potential savings you need per month to live stress-free, you must be thinking of ways to reduce your phone bill. 

Fortunately, the Internet and technology can provide a better option for you to enjoy multiple long-distance phone calls at a cheaper cost. If you are a budget-conscious parent, then it is time to stop paying a fortune on an expensive landline. 

Here are a few tips to get rid of your landline and reduce your monthly phone bill.  

How Parents Can Cut Down their Monthly Phone Bill

According to a Family Education post, the average American household pays $50 per month for their landline phone bills. The idea behind reducing phone bills is to help parents to avoid wasting money on landline services and choose alternative ways to ensure savings.  

1. Use Wireless Services Instead of Landline

If you have two or three teenagers with cell phones in the family, then using an expensive landline makes no sense. Try ditching your landline altogether with more cost-effective wireless phone services. 

Since landline costs are too much to bear, many people decide to cancel the service and prefer to use a cell phone instead. 

Cancel your landline service and use a wireless mobile phone for both local and long-distance calls.  It takes hardly 20 minutes to cancel your landline service and save the phone bill you despise. Most cell phone plans come with additional perks and offer you ample minutes to resist landline use. 

2. Cancel the Services You Do Not Use 

Savvy people always analyze their monthly bills and telecom expenses to figure out unnecessary payments they make each month. If you carefully break down your landline or cell phone bill, you may be surprised to know how much you pay for the unwanted features. Continuing paying for those features eats up your bank account as well. 

For instance, you may have subscribed for too many minutes or paying extra for an unlimited data plan. Other excessive payments include paying for emergency roadside services and voicemail. Picking a more suitable and affordable plan might do the job.

3. Use an Affordable VoIP service 

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has been around for a while, resounding well with both home and business owners.

VoIP services allow you to make voice calls using an Internet connection. The technology uses cloud servers that convert voice calls into data and uses the Internet Protocol (IP) to transmit the data. There are multiple benefits of using VoIP compared to your typical landline or cellphone. Let us have a glimpse of them briefly. 

How is a VoIP phone system better than a landline?

VoIP phones are affordable and come with a multitude of features. Plus, a VoIP phone system is similar to using a cellphone, so the whole experience is intuitive. For example, many people trust VoIP services because they provide you a firm control with robust outbound call features. Affordable VoIP services like AXvoice thrive because they save you from losing money in your bank and provide features not offered by traditional telecom operators. 

As phone calls are free or exceptionally cheap through a VoIP service, they can surely save you money spent on your current landline. Besides being affordable, VoIP services also provide many useful features that traditional phone services do not offer. Although power breakdowns could be an issue with a VoIP phone, many VoIP service providers, including Axvoice, can transfer your VoIP phone calls to your cell phone.

Use a Reliable VoIP service 

You can use the affordable VoIP services of AXvoice for all incoming and outgoing calls without worrying about your phone bill. There are no extra bills for cross-country or cross-border calls. No need to charge your batteries like smartphones to keep them functioning; with a transparent pricing policy, opting for a reliable VoIP service can result in reasonable savings per month. 

Getting a feature-rich affordable VoIP service means you get extra perks and features in one plan, including: 

• Caller ID with name 

• Web-based voicemail service 

• Call forwarding service  

• Receive simultaneous calls on three different numbers 

• No failover problems 

• Do Not Disturb service 

• Secure Online VoIP account

• View call logs for all calls

• Cheap and high-quality online services

• 7 to 11-digit number without area code 

• Block or blacklist any number

• And much more

Understand your Needs and Make a Transition to VoIP

As discussed above, VoIP is a viable option for reducing your costs on long-distance phone calls. That means whether you call your next-door neighbor or a relative across continents, all calls through a VoIP network won’t charge you a penny. Just make sure you have a subscription that offers unlimited international calls.

Your most pressing problem as a decision-maker in the family is to avoid expensive phone bills. As your family size grows, the need for a landline reduces as your kids may have a cellphone of their own. Before selecting an appropriate phone service for your home use, you can ask yourself the following questions to identify your needs:

• Are your children using the landline recklessly? 

• Do your teenagers and spouse use a cell phone? 

• Is your landline consuming your bank account ridiculously? 

• Are you desperate for a solution at a fraction of what landline service charges? 

• Do you need to make conference calls with your remote teams? 

• Do you need a 7-digit convenient phone number? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then switching to VoIP is the best decision for saving money on phone bills. 

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