Allie’s Corner: Make your own pet diapers

A new adventure for us happened today. Allie who turned one in April but we don’t officially celebrate her birthday until July we adopted her started going into heat today. I know gross right. Luckily we had a few samples of baby diapers that I could use on her to stop her from staining the furniture and rugs but they did not allow her a lot of freedom to move like she is used to be able to .



 I did a little research on-line about pet diapers and let me tell you the prices are outrageous. Looking at these I knew that I could come up with some creations of my own that would more than ordinary. So Gracie and I went off to Wal-Mart to find our little baby some diapers. I first looked in the pet department and they wanted $13 for 2 diapers and they would very cheap looking. I then went to the baby department. I bought a 3 pack of training pants for $7. 64 and of course I bought the girl pack. Then onto the craft department where we bought some stuff to spruce them up. I could have save more by shopping at a thrift store for the training pants but I was in a crisis lol.

This is what I bought at Wal-Mart to help Allie through her time of the month. LOL

A 3 pack of training pants for girls of course and some iron ons.

The first design that Gracie and I did was a monogram design for Allie. We could not find an “A” so we used a “U” and made it into an “A”.

We applied the U upside down  after we cut the bottom part off.

Then used the part that we cut off to make the middle of the letter A.

Then came the iron.

We followed the directions on the package .

This is how it turned out.

Then now on to the next one.

The pink one with the rhinestone heart. Gracie was the designer for all of these.

Here she is pressing them in. Then we applied heat to the backside of the fabric let the package said and after were done ironing we waited 3 minutes for the fabric to cool before peeling the plastic off. We also did a flower design on another pair just like this one.
We also had to cut out a whole for her tail to go through. Here is Allie modeling our finished products. We did have to take in the training pants on the side because she is not that big.

Allie’s Preppy Look

Allie with a little sparkly Love

Allie sporting her floral look

Well what do you think?? I have so many ideas of what to do for now but I think I will wait until I do some thrift store shopping to make anymore.

 Total Cost of 3 pet diapers:

3 pack of training pants=$7.64

U monogram=$.57

Other iron ons= $2.00

Total cost:  $10.21 for 3 pet diapers

 That would make each one about $3.50 a piece but still 2 cost $13.33 so I still saved and Allie has some unique designs .

Added in the fact that I did this with my youngest daughter Gracie: Priceless  


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  1. You are very resourceful. I think it is a very smart idea. I just got a 3 month old Doberman female and I might need something like this. Thanks!!!

  2. Love how resourceful you were! They are adorable too! But I have to agree that dealing with a dog in heat is not fun at all!

  3. How neat! We have a male dog so this isn’t something we have to deal with. Your creativity is awesome though…and was able to save you money so that’s great too!

  4. This is so clever. My female dog is spade, but I’ll have to make some of these for when my brother’s dog next goes into heat.

  5. Oh my goodness! I had no idea pets needed diapers! I can totally see how it would get expensive. Great tutorial!

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