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I will tell you I am not the world’s best photographer but my middle daughter, Mikaela, has the eye of a photographer. In fact, I just officially gave her the job of photographer for my blog. Lighting and staging subject matter are a critical part of taking great photographs. I admit that I rely on the auto setting on my camera to determine how my photos turn out. I have learned from my daughter, not to be afraid to take chances taking pictures because sometimes these images turn out to be the best ones. Also don’t be scared to explore all the settings on your camera but please make note the setting you started with. I had one camera that I loved, but I messed around with the settings so much that I could not take a picture on the outside on a sunny day because the image would end up black. I don’t know what I did to it to make it end up black, and I never could figure out how to fix it. I still have that camera; it is a backup camera for me. Now don’t think I went right out and bought a new one right after I messed with the settings that are so wrong. I continued to use the camera and still used it after Mikaela, yep my budding photographer, dropped it at my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary party and the battery compartment would not close. We had to use duct tape to close it but to make it more stylish that was zebra print duct tape. The point I am trying to make is not to be afraid to take chances when you are photographing something; sometimes you learn by trial and error.

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