Presenting to a Group?? Don’t ask me!!!



I have a confession to make I hate getting up in front of a bunch of adults to give a speech. My body starts shaking and my mouth starts to move like a runaway freight train. I do not know what it is about putting up in front of a bunch of adults that scares me so much. But on the other hand put in front of bunch of children teaching a lesson and I am in my element. In fact I do not have to go by any notes when I am teaching I just teach off the top of my head sometimes. I do have lesson plans that I follow but after a few minutes it just comes naturally to me. I cannot for the life of me figure out why I am able to do one so well and the other one just the thought of it terrifies me. The biggest tip that I can give you about presenting to a group is just be yourself. Be prepared and try not to be so self-conscious I know that is hard to do sometimes but once you forget about all those people who are listening to you speak and start acting like you are talking to a friend than you will do fine. Make sure to make eye contact with everyone. For example do not let your eyes stay in one place because if you are moving your eyes from here to there and not straight ahead than your audience will be more engaged. Any of these tips should help you in your presentation but remember just don’t ask me to do it for you.

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