4 Gift Ideas That Support Charity

4 gift ideas

Giving someone a present is always nice to do. Depending on what type of gift you buy, however, you could also support a charity while making your loved one feel special. The next time you want to buy a gift for someone, consider one of the following four gift ideas that support charity.

Edible Arrangements


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Edible Arrangements does more than deliver beautifully arranged fruit. The company also runs Edible Cares, a program that sends money to several charities. Since 2005, Edible Cares has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Breast Cancer Society Canada every October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month). The international company also encourages its stores to get involved with charities in their communities. Many of the stores choose to donate food and money to food banks. Instead of letting unused fruit go to waste, stores can give food to pantries that help disadvantaged families receive meals.

You can save money on gifts from Edible Arrangements by looking at sources such as Goodshop for Edible Arrangements coupons. You can also find discounts at the Edible Arrangements Coupons For Good Facebook page.

Bears for Humanity

Bears for Humanity understands the difference that a toy can make in a child’s life. For each bear you buy, the company donates an identical bear to a child in need. Bears for Humanity reaches out to communities by partnering with organizations such as Save the Children and Toys for Tots. The charities this company works with often help sick children, military families, and children living in poverty.


Jim McCann, the founder of 1-800-Flowers, has an older brother with a developmental disability. Consequently, the floral arrangement company focuses on causes dedicated to helping people with disabilities. Indeed, 1-800-Flowers operates an organization called Smile Farms that helps people with disabilities find jobs. Smile Farms plans to expand over the next several years to offer more sustainable employment opportunities for people who often get shut out of the workforce.

You don’t have to pay full price to help 1-800-Flowers support charities. Save money by using floral coupons on the Goodshop website. You can also get discounts by visiting the 1-800-Flowers Coupons For Good Facebook page.

Cards Against Humanity

If your loved ones have twisted senses of humor, you might want to buy them the Cards Against Humanity game. Despite the name, the company contributes significant money to charitable causes. In 2013, Cards Against Humanity donated more than $100,000 to schools with classrooms in need.

In 2015, the company managed to convince more than 14,000 customers to spend $5 on nothing. That’s right: Customers gave Cards Against Humanity $5 each without expecting anything in return. Instead of keeping the cash, the company gave it away, noting that, since 2012, the Chicago-based firm has raised more than $4 million for charities such as Worldbuilders and the Sunlight Foundation.

The next time you want to buy someone a gift, make your purchase from a company that believes in charitable giving. You may not have enough spare time to volunteer, but you can still make sure charities receive the money they need to thrive.

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