How a DNA Test Can Help You Lead a Healthy life – Secret Revealed

How a DNA Test Can Help You Lead a Healthy life from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Hearing about a DNA test might remind you of a movie scene where the proponent takes a DNA test to know about his family background. Bang! And he comes to know that he is the lost son of a business tycoon. Lucky him!

Well, that’s the story of the real world, but DNA can tell a lot about a person in the real world as well.

DNA is not just a double helix structure of two coiled strands. It carries a whole world of information about a person’s development, functioning, reproduction, and growth. DNA can define who you are, what you are, and what you can be. This central role of DNA in a person’s life is triggering many people to step forward and take their DNA tests because who doesn’t like knowing some exciting things about his ancestry and family history?

But that’s just a small chunk of the story. A DNA test can tell a lot about your body and health, so it is an essential step for solving the health management equation – here is how:

Find Out if You Have a Hereditary Disease:

Let’s be honest with so many diseases in the world, we are always worried deep inside about our health conditions. We don’t know when and which disease might grab us. Though it is hard to find out the predictability of some diseases, it is not the case with hereditary diseases. These diseases are transferred through parents in case you end up taking a specific gene from one or both parents.

You can take a DNA test and find out the probability of the occurrence of heredity diseases like cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, Huntington’s disease, sickle cell anemia, and familial hyperlipidemia. Doctors can better manage these diseases if they are able to figure out the possibility of any such disease before it becomes severe.

The good thing is that taking a DNA test is easy because you just need a mouth swab, blood test, or a hair sample to conduct the test. Not to forget that you can also buy a home DNA test kit to know about your health condition while sitting right in your bedroom.

Know Your Body Clock:

Have you ever wondered why you have to twist and twitch in your bed for a long time before sleeping while all your friends are enjoying a profound slumber in their cozy beds? You keep on gazing at your cellphone with a blank mind, scroll down your Facebook newsfeed, and do everything else except sleep. Well, the reason might not be just because you are an owl person. It is because your genetic makeup is different.

Studies have found that the Per3 gene is associated with making some people night owls, whereas Per2 causes “advanced sleep phase syndrome” that makes someone a day person.

So, instead of getting sleepish in the morning, and twisting and tossing in your bed, know your body clock. It will help you change your lifestyle patterns to get the best out of your time and health.

Explore the Possibility of Certain Traits:

Everyone wants to have a smart and fit body, and that’s why we are juggling between yoga, gym, and fad diets. But what if I say that you can find out whether you have a thing for getting fat or not? And is your effort to stay slim worth giving a try or not? Feeling excited? Well, a DNA test can reveal that too. 

Certain variations in your genome can tell the possibility of specific traits, like obesity, in a person. It doesn’t mean that you should give up exercising if your DNA test shows traits of obesity because you will 100% get obese no matter what. It means that your doctor can guide you based on these results so that you can live a healthy life without letting these traits get dominant.

See? Living a healthy life is not as difficult as you think. Taking advantage of technological advancements can help you a lot to live a better and healthier life.

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