Oh What a Great Time With Just Mom and Me

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting a Mom and Me Baking party at my house. Since Gracie’s still is not quite feeling like herself I thought this would be  a great way for her to have fun with some friends and still be near me. Since she was in the hospital she does not stray far from my side. You can read about it at Gracie’s Story. I also was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to be selected by Fleischmann’s to host a Simply Homemade Party. The hardest part was deciding on the date. Courtney, one of my friends who I have mentioned in Talented Thursdays, Journey to Sweet 16, and Feathers are Here, is  a very busy party planner on the weekend, so I had to find a time that both her and her daughter could be there. It is not a party without Courtney and Matti.
The first thing I did was order my invitations from Vistaprint.  I used the promo that they were running a while back for the invites. I was so pleased.
Once that was decided than on to the party planning. Gracie and her friend helped to decorate the goody bags for the girls. They used fabric markers on canvas totes I bought at the dollar store and then we filled them with info about fleischman’s, individual antibacterial wipes (to remind the girls we always want to wash our hands before we cook), some sample products from my Tastefully Simple business and a big book about Tasty Treats.
Once everything was decided on it was on to the party.
Here are the breads we made. We made the Italian Herb, Multi- Grain, Stone Ground Wheat,
and Country White.  I actually made the Italian Herb before the party just to check and make sure it was easy and I can honestly say it was. 
The girls had a blast at the party. It was fun to see them interact with each other. They decided to make it a taste contest to see which bread everyone liked better. Hands down it was the Stone Ground Wheat.
Here they are washing their hands getting ready to bake. The pink chef hats and aprons were courtesy of my friend Courtney from her party place Coco Darlings.
Here they are mixing up their bread mixes. They also learned how deadly PAM Spray can be and the right way to spray it in a pan.
Yeast and sugar are mixed in the warm water now it is time to add the mix.
Maddie was a  stand in for two of the moms until they got there.
Reading the directions this is a great way to encourage your child to read more. Gracie loves to help me in the kitchen. Abby and her mom Misty listening to Gracie.

They really got their hands into it. But they loved every minute of it.

Maddie with her “daughters” Matti and Payton.

Since we had to wait for the dough to rise what better way to past the time then to make cookies.
Rolling the cookies to make them round before they put them on the cookie sheet.
Of course there is always time to ham it up for the cameras.

The finished products.
The taste testing,

Oh and I forget to mention that in my party packs there were oven mitts for the girls to have. We started the party by letting everyone design their oven mitts and then they all signed each others.

This is Gracie’s finished product. I so forget to take a picture of everyone with their mitts.
All and all it was an awesome time which lead to the four girls having a photo shoot the next day. You see Misty, Abby’s mom, is a photographer. I will share more about this soon.
Tell me what have you done with your children lately?? I am always looking for new ideas.

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