The Post You Have Been Waiting For… Part Two … The Concert

I posted about Before the Concert, now let the show begin.
The show started with a big bang.
Who could that be in the cloud of smoke???
Why it is Taylor Swift!!!!

This was how close she got to us.
The girls holding up their signs. This was before the adult woman got snippy with them and told them that they can not put their signs up. (Without talking to the adults first) I noticed that the girls were not holding up their signs that they had worked so hard on. So I asked them why they weren’t they said because it wasn’t time and they were told not to. I said who told you that you couldn’t hold up the signs. I told them that they could anytime they wanted too. Well the woman sitting behind us got into a huff when she was trying to take pictures because their signs was getting in her pictures but instead of asking nicely she got an attitude. She confronted Lisa about the signs so Lisa said put the signs down girls. Next thing I looked over at Gracie who was crying her eyes out. ( For those that are new Gracie has been through a rough couple of months health wise including a brief stay in the hospital so this was a way to help her get her mind off everything) Well when I saw her crying I went off on that woman. I told her I hope you are happy you made a 9 year old cry and ruined her first concert experience. Then she said get this Well if they had just done what I told them to do then it would not have happened. Well that got me even hotter, I told first of all she had no right telling any child other than her own what to do. And that if she had a problem with the signs she could have talked to the moms (Lisa and I) about it instead of bullying 2 nine year old girls to do what she wanted them to do. I told her if she had come to us first we could have reached a compromise that would have allowed both sides to be happy. The girls could have held up their signs at certain times and she could have taken her pictures but instead you chose to bully them and after all my daughter has gone through in the last couple of months she had no right to talk to my child the way she did. I told her I hope you are happy you made a 9 year old cry and who is really the adult here?? Irena and Gracie before that had been sitting beside each other but after that I switched seats with Irena and guess what we held up our signs. The lady did not say another word. If she had been nice about it then things could have been different. So to the lady in Section 106 Row I at the RBC Center at the Taylor Swift Concert on November 17 I hope you are happy  that you a grown woman acted more like a child than the 9 year old that you were bullying.  Sorry but when you mess with my children you mess with me.
Now back to the concert.

This is just one of the incredible acts  that was happening during the show.

Here is a “scene” she did about the guy she is in love with marrying some one else.

He ends off running off with Taylor.
Imagine that!!!

Taylor actually walked through the crowd and went to the other end of the arena to perform a few songs. The girl sitting in front out walked down to the edge and Taylor touched her hand. She was all excited and crying when she came back up.
Here she is at the other end of the arena. There was not a bad seat at this concert.

Taylor wrote this on her arm before the concert. See if you can tell me what it says.

Gracie and I ( this one was taken by me)
You can still see the tears in her eyes.

Our dear friends, Lisa and Irena

Towards the end of the concert a little smile but still upset.

This was for the finale. Taylor went over the crowd on a balcony. I have seen many a concert but this by far is the best concert I have seen. Taylor deserves all the awards she has received and then some. If you ever get the chance to see her in concert, go see her she is truly an Entertainer of The Decade.

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