How to Get Your Kids More Involved With Chores and Like It

How to Get Your Kids More Involved With Chores and Like It from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It can be tough raising kids in a fun way so that they always feel comfortable going to you when they need help, but also in a way that shows them that they have to take part and help out around the house just as much as you do. While there are many ways to go about showing your child the importance of doing chores around the house, these are the best ways for you to let your child know they need to do more chores without seeming strict or bossy:

Let them help if there is something that needs to be remodeled or replaced

If you are doing remodels on your home, ask your child for help. If you don’t want to ask for their help because the barn door hardware kit is a little too complicated for them to understand, show them how you are going to put everything together. Don’t let them sit on the sidelines while you get all of the work done, they won’t learn that way. Just talking them through each step that you are taking will be enough for them to learn something from the experience, even if they didn’t actually touch any of the hardware or pieces that you need to put the door together.

Talk to them about the proper way to wash laundry

When you are at work all day and your family still needs clean clothing, tell your child to help you out by washing the laundry. It’s a very simple task that, when taught properly, a child can’t even mess up. 

Make sure that your child knows the differences between each washer and dryer setting, and let them know what settings you usually use for both of those machines. This way, your child has a simple job that they can do to start helping out, and they will have a skill for the future that they can use whenever they wash their own laundry. 

Make sure that you give them a simple load of laundry at first so that if it is messed up after the wash and dry, it isn’t the end of the world.

Teach them about the vacuum cleaner 

If you want the floors to get vacuumed more often, show your child how easy it is to empty out the vacuum cleaner and how easy it is to run it over the carpets and let all of the dirt on the floor vanish into the machine. 

It isn’t a hard drop, any child over the age of 8 can do it, and it is fun if your child likes to watch the colors on the floor change from a darker color to a brighter one as all of the dirt gets picked up. 

You can also use this to show them why you don’t wear shoes in the house when you empty the vacuum cleaner and reveal all of the dirt that is now inside.

Let them see it can be fun to mop the floor

If your child likes to dance around with a broom, show them how much more fun it is to slide around with a mop. You can get your kitchen and bathroom cleaned, your child will be entertained, and they will have a life skill that they will need in the future to clean their own kitchens and bathrooms with. You can get them a Swiffer to make the job a little bit easier on them, but if you want them to learn a skill not many kids have now, give them a mop and a bucket.

There are a lot of ways to get your child more involved with chores. The trick is to speak to them in a language that they understand. Show them the importance of the job. Tell them that they are doing good work for the family if they are doing the job and they will be appreciated. Let them know that it is fun if you think about the chore in the right way. All of this will help your child learn.

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