4 Home Enhancements That Will Also Improve Your Quality of Life

4 Home Enhancements That Will Also Improve Your Quality of Life from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Your home is truly the center of your world. It’s where you rest and rejuvenate, and a little slice of the world that belongs to you. In the last 12 months, our homes have become much more, they are a safe space in a completely new world, our offices, our classrooms, our gyms and everything in between. Because we do so much in our homes now, it’s only natural to want to add to it to increase our comfort and make our lives better. You can have a home that fits in with the life you want to create for you and your family. Some of the enhancements we make don’t just improve how our space looks, they can also aid in our health and wellness. Here are some home enhancements that will also improve your quality of life.

Water Softening

Some of the most valuable home enhancements you can make aren’t the most noticeable, like adding a fancy new fixture or aesthetic features. These changes might not be decorative but they do improve your quality of life and your entire home. One of the things that impacts a home is dealing with hard water. If the water that flows through your home is hard, it can cost you more money and even impact things like your skin and hair. 

This is where the EcoPure water softening system comes in. It is a water treatment system that softens the water in your home so it doesn’t do unnecessary damage to water appliances and clothes. “Hard water scales in your home’s appliances, faucets, and drains cost you every year. This white, crusty buildup is impacting the lifespan of your appliances, costing you thousands of dollars when you have to replace them prematurely.” Water is central to so many aspects of our daily lives. Adding this system to your home improves your home and your life in a major way. 

Removing Carpets & Installing Hardwood Floors

If your home has old carpets, it could be affecting many aspects of your quality of life. Sure, you could get those carpets deep cleaned, but if those carpets have been there for 20 years, no amount of cleaning will beat a refresh. Carpets generally collect and accumulate dust, and if they’ve been there for a while, that can start to affect your air quality, which can impact people with conditions like asthma. The dust mites in these carpets can cause issues like rashes, itchy skin, and other preventable or controllable conditions. Old carpet can also be a storage hub of odors from things like moisture and dirt over the years. It’s a great idea to remove these carpets and replace them with hardwood. Not only will it improve the air quality of your home and get rid of dust mites, but you also boost the value of your home because hardwood floors are such a desired feature! 

Build An Addition

Nothing can improve your quality of life more than a passive stream of income, and your home can become one by building an addition or converting a part of your home into a separate space for accommodation. Here you can bring in a tenant or create a short-term vacation rental which can bring some extra income into your home. It’s become very popular for people to buy homes that can become two separate dwellings. If this is something you have room for in your home, why not do it? Whether it’s adding a studio apartment in a big yard, or converting an unfinished basement into an apartment, complete with a separate entrance, adding onto your home with the goal of earning money is smart and one way you can enhance your home and your quality of life. Remember to do this kind of project, it has to be built well, so make sure you do the work up front to get the design and the build approved. 

Making Your Home Smart 

Smart home features are another great way to make your home and your life better. Imagine having smart bulbs that allow you to control your lighting with an app and even with your voice, or smart plugs that allow you to control your gadgets from afar. You can even get a nifty little device that allows you to control when your curtains open and close. These days, smart home features aren’t expensive to install. All it takes is a few devices and apps, and your home is that much better!

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