Need-to-Know Wedding Planning Tips: From Creating Your Website to Choosing a Makeup Artist

Need-to-Know Wedding Planning Tips From Creating Your Website to Choosing a Makeup Artist from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

First comes love, then comes engagement, then comes the overwhelming task of planning a wedding. The good news is that planning a wedding without a professional planner is possible as long as the right advice and intel are followed. Here are the need-to-know wedding planning tips, from creating your website to choosing a makeup artist.

Set a wedding budget and create a list of wedding day priorities

First thing’s first, set a wedding budget and stick to it. The budget will be the main determiner when making decisions about the big day. Talk with any relatives who are financially contributing and find out how much they are spending. A couple paying for the entire wedding should take a realistic look at finances and set a comfortable, manageable budget.

Once the budget is set, the couple should discuss what the three most important aspects of the wedding are. Perhaps it’s food and drinks or getting a specific venue or date. Prioritize these details and be flexible with everything else to stick with the budget.

Choose a bridal style and theme

Brides want to make a statement on their wedding day with their bridal style. Pinterest, Instagram, and bridal websites are brimming with bridal style inspiration. Having an idea of the type of wedding style is important when it’s time to shop for vendors. Create a visual collage, either online or physical, to keep track of the look and feel of the wedding. Remember, inspiration is meant to pique interest, not be distracting or overwhelming.

When it comes to choosing a bridal style and theme, one of the most important factors to consider is your personal taste and preference. Are you a fan of classic elegance, or do you prefer a modern and trendy look? Whatever your style may be, doing an online search for wedding dresses perth (or wherever else you may be) will display a wide range of options to suit every bride’s unique preferences.

Choose a theme or concept for the wedding after determining the bridal style. The concept can be based on colors, seasonal or style inspiration, or a party theme. Having a clear concept will help with design decisions and keep things cohesive.

Get organized

An organized bride is a happy bride. Use checklists or spreadsheets to keep all wedding-related ideas, budgets, and expenses together. A wedding planning book is essential for information, expert advice, tips and tricks, checklists, and timelines.

Make a master checklist of everything that needs to be done, and break the to-dos down by months, weeks, and days. This will keep the planning on track and ensure that the budget is honored.

Creating a wedding website is a must. Couples don’t have the time to answer emails, texts, and calls from guests and family. Set up a website in minutes with joy wedding website builder using customized design options. Couples can share all the wedding details like schedule, hotel and transportation information, wedding registry, and engagement photos. Guests can even RSVP on the website.

Putting together the look

The more time spent looking for a wedding dress the more every dress will start to look the same. Carefully choose someone to go wedding dress shopping with you. This is someone who will give an honest opinion and be helpful. Shop for a dress early as more than one fitting will be needed to finalize alterations. Check out wedding dresses near you in different boutiques to start. Bridesmaids’ dresses typically take several months to be ordered and sized, as well, so keep that in mind.

One of the fun things about wedding planning is trying things out. Depending on the complexity of the wedding cake some bakers need to be booked well in advance. Arrange tastings with several bakers before placing an order. Meet with caterers early in the planning stage and taste a variety of menus.

Remember to schedule appointments with local hairstylists and makeup artists and take comparison photos. Find the right hairstyle and makeup that complements the overall bridal style. Do-it-yourself brides who want to do their own makeup can find discount prices on beauty supplies with Lashes Direct. Brides can find a full range of eyelash lengths, widths, and curls, and all the application tools, glues, and lash care products needed to look their best on their special day.

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