Engagement Planning Tips For Super-Busy Couples

Engagement Planning Tips For Super-Busy Couples from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Your engagement is a special moment, something that you would want to remember for a lifetime. After you have the commitment sealed between you two, the next step will definitely be to make it official for family and friends. So it is worth going the extra mile to make the engagement party a perfect occasion. But things may get challenging if you are a busy couple because you may not have all the time to plan A to Z of the event. Hiring an event manager may not be on your wish list if you cannot afford one or you want to do everything yourself. It is still possible to have an amazing engagement event despite being tied up due to your professional commitments. Let us share some engagement planning tips to help.

Set a Date

Once you decide that you want to be together for a lifetime and a formal proposal seals the decision, it is time to set a date for the engagement party. Since both of you make a busy couple, the challenge may be bigger than you think. Obviously, it has to be a weekend but you should still match your calendars and schedules to prevent any last-moment hassles. Consider a longer break if you are planning a destination engagement. Give yourself plenty of room for last moment shopping and preparations while setting the date. Also, check the availability of the venue before locking the date and announcing it officially.

Prepare a Guest List and Book the Venue

Once you have a date, sit together and prepare a guest list for the event. Whether you want a small gathering or a big bash is a matter of mutual consent and the budget you have set for the event. After preparing the guest list, decide the venue that can accommodate the gathering comfortably. Consider details like parking, the feasibility of location, menu and cuisines they serve while deciding the venue. You may even attend a party there or taste the food to be double sure. Book the venue well in advance and make sure that you convey them any special requirements such as your party theme. 

Work on Your Shopping List

You will definitely want to look your best on the engagement, so have a shopping list ready well in advance. Take time from your busy schedules to order your outfits a few weeks before the party. And what’s the most important thing that you need to buy? Engagement rings, of course! Check out the most stunning engagement rings for your soulmate because this is one piece they would cherish forever. You can even have a custom one designed if there is something special you want. Don’t leave it to the last moment, however busy you are. Shopping online is a smart move for busy couples because it is convenient and saves time.

Don’t Forget Grooming

If you are super-busy, forgetting styling and grooming is easy but this is the last thing you should do. After all, you will be the showstopper on the big day and nothing but the best will do. Visit a stylist a few weeks in advance and plan your grooming sessions to fit inside your schedule. You can request for a weekend or late evening appointments to make time for the “look-good” mission. What’s more, you can choose a unisex spa and saloon to spend time together while you polish up for the party. For the lady, it is important to try the makeup and hairdo once before to be completely sure. Even while you invest in professional grooming, do take care of your diet and have a regular exercise routine as well.

Ask for Help

Busy couples tend to stress out when they have to juggle between professional commitments and engagement preparations. The best way to handle things is by dividing the tasks and managing them as and when they get time. If you still feel hassled, don’t hesitate to ask for help because people may be more willing to offer it than you think. Talk to friends and family and delegate them duties according to their availability and comfort level. Let them offer ideas about games and activities for the party. Things get much smoother when people pitch in to handle even small tasks like picking your outfits from the designer, meeting the florist or ordering the cake.

The final one of the engagement planning tips is to relish the moment because it will not come again. Even if you are super-busy, take out time for each other and do things together. You will notice that things will be much easier and enjoyable as well. And you will make beautiful memories along the way! 

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