My Dear Santa Letter to My Husband

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My Dear Santa Letter to My Husband

Dear Santa (Aka Babe), 

I know you are like most men and have no clue what to get your wife for Christmas. So I thought I would give you some ideas so that at least you can tell the girls what to buy when you send them to the store for my gifts. 😉 (Yep I went there.) Even better you can just tell them to go to to shop for me. 

In all seriousness, I know that you are clueless about what to get not because you don’t know me but because you know I am a pretty picky person and you never know my size. Thank you for always thinking I am smaller than I actually am. I love you for that. 

So this year I decided to make it easier for you so here is my Christmas list. 

  • Some new pajamas and no I am not talking about the barely there kind. I am talking about pajamas I could stay in all day like what the girls wear. 
  • You taking a day off of work every now and then. You work so hard and never take time for yourself so I want to give you this gift. 

My Dear Santa Letter to My Husband

  • You can’t go wrong with jewelry.  I mean didn’t Marilyn Monroe say that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

My Dear Santa Letter to My Husband

  •  A watch– because of all the upteen watches I own I somehow seem to misplace them and you know I am lost if I can’t see the time, Why do you think I have three clocks in our bedroom?
  • A date night with you. Refer to gift suggestion number two for an explanation. Our girls are growing up and pretty soon it will be just you, me and of course the furbabies. But somehow I don’t think Allie would be able to hold up her part of the conversation.

My Dear Santa Letter to My Husband 

  • Lastly, I want you to buy something for yourself. You do so much for all of us, that you totally need a new pair of jeans and a nice black and white button-down shirt. ( You know like the one you ruined when you were in Mexico. 😉 )

Love You. 


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  1. My dad does the same thing when shopping for my mom for Christmas – he gives us a dollar amount and tells us to pick out “whatever we think she might like.” 🙂

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