Love Coconut?? Boy Do I Have A Cookie For You!!!

Manischewitz® is a specialty food company that was founded on a small bakery in 1888. It was originally built to make matzo for Passover but since then they have moved on to many more products. They have just introduced a line of new products in health and fitness, comfort food and Mediterrean food. These new products include cake mixes, macaroons, confections, matzo, pastas, gefilte fish and many more.

I recently had the chance to sample their Mint Chocolate Macaroons. Have I mentioned how much I love coconut? These macaroons tasted amazing. They had just the right hint of mint. I had to hide them so that I can fully review them (because my daughters were sneaking them.) Yes!! Something that we all like and that is good for us also.

These Mint Chocolate Macaroons are available in a 10 oz. container. (Think about how many things ideas you could come up with to reuse this container. Just look at Pinterest for ideas.) They normally sell for $5.99 a container. You get your money’s worth with them though.

Interested in trying these awesome macaroons go to their website to find out where they are sold. This is definitely a product that I would buy again.

I received a complimentary container of Mint Chocolate Coconut Macaroons for the sole purpose of this review. I received no other monetary compensation. The views expressed are mine.

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